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Henon comments on office raids

City Councilman Bobby Henon has commented on last Friday’s FBI raid of his district and City Hall offices.

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“My office has been and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement,” Henon said. “I am not able to discuss specifics, but I do want to remind folks that my offices are open and ready to serve the residents of the 6th District and all Philadelphians.”

The raid was part of a probe into the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 and its boss, John Dougherty.

Agents paid surprise visits to Henon’s offices at 484 City Hall and 6730 Torresdale Ave. in Tacony.

Henon (D-6th dist.) was political director of Local 98 when he jumped into the 2011 race to succeed retiring Democratic Councilwoman Joan Krajewski. He used endorsements from ward leaders and unions and massive fundraising to overwhelmingly win the primary over banker and former School Reform Commission member Marty Bednarek, who told voters that Henon would be controlled by Dougherty.

Henon would go on to win the 2011 general election and was unopposed in 2015. He serves as Council’s majority leader and remains employed by Local 98, which is considered by many to be the most politically powerful union in Philadelphia because of financial support of candidates.

FBI agents also raided Dougherty’s South Philadelphia home and Local 98 headquarters at 17th and Spring Garden streets. ••


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