Letters to the Editor: August 10, 2016

Henon, you’re not fooling us

Mr. Henon, your article about how proud you are for voting to pass the soda tax didn’t mention the millions of dollars that will go to the city coffers so the Council can fatten up their DROP checks, then run again for re-election.

Nothing was mentioned about any City Council members giving up their city cars. This tax is about getting as much money from the poor middle working class.

This tax has nothing to do with the kids. You want to stop obesity, take the soda out of the schools. Children do not need soda.

You want to improve the quality of education in the schools? Tell the parents to spend more time with the kids, reading to them, and playing games to stimulate their brains.

Get them off the video games and make sure the lessons and homework are done. Educating children starts in the home.

How many children take advantage of the summer reading programs the libraries run every year? I would say 75 percent of the children in this city have never been in a real library. You must have forgotten how many libraries the past Democratic mayors have closed.

Until the people stop voting the same way year after year, there is no hope for Philly. Get these crooks out of office before they tax us into poverty.

I called the number to tell Council members to vote “No” to the soda tax. Did they listen? No. They thumbed their nose at us again.

Bernice Capobianco


It’s time for Bob Brady to go

I see Congressman Bob Brady considers GOP vice presidential pick Mike Pence “dangerous” and accused him of “divisiveness and backward views.” He also called the GOP ticket “extreme,” this, no doubt, because its platform defends traditional marriage and the right to life for the unborn (Northeast Times, July 20).

First off, Bob, let’s stop the name-calling. This will go a long way to restoring civility to our national political discourse.

Now, a clarification. Pence did not, as you put it, spearhead an “anti-LBGT law.” What he spearheaded was something all responsible citizens and public officials understand: a law to protect freedom of conscience, a fundamental cornerstone of our American government and Western civilization. This is desperately needed in an age when political correctness demands all pay homage to all forms of depravity without exception.

And responsibility ought to be the watchword in November, for then we the voters will separate irresponsible officials from their offices, much like wise parents take toys away from children who misuse them.

Bob, it’s time to retire.

George Tomezsko

Fox Chase

Obama, our country needs better border control

History does repeat itself.

Back in the late 1960s, President Richard Nixon was trying to escalate the United States involvement in the Vietnam War. However, many people here were opposed to the war.

There were many anti-war protests across the country, and at one particular college, Kent State in Ohio, our young, unarmed activists were shot by the National Guard.

How ironic that we sent our soldiers thousands of miles away to fight the spread of communism and keep them safe, while here at home we had our American citizens shot by our own military. And as of today, 50 years later, history again is repeating itself.

We are now fighting the Islamic terrorist group ISIS. But instead of President Obama nipping it in the bud a few years earlier by not sending troops to confront ISIS, he escalates the flow of immigrants here to America. These are the same people we are trying to save and help in their war-ravaged country while they assassinate our soldiers with roadside car bombs.

Now that Obama has the borders open to everyone, because according to his own agenda on border control, “This is not the America we stand for,” we have these immigrants with their radical mindsets coming over and opening fire on us on our own turf.

And then there’s our Mexican neighbors. Sure, they can be mad about Trump’s comments, but who hasn’t seen their attitudes toward us when Americans venture to their country and are called “Gringos.” Why do you think the Department of State warns Americans to stay within their walled compounds while vacationing there? Because Americans are targeted.

So again, according to Obama, he wants us to embrace and not be indifferent to other cultures and have an open-door policy. Now, we are bringing them here, and Obama can’t bring them here fast enough to our cities and towns.

But that doesn’t say much to the atrocities of Americans who are killed here and abroad, all in the name of not hurting their feelings. Now that they are all here, who’s going to keep us safe?

Al Ulus