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Amendments trying to raise minimum pay for poll workers on Election Day fail to pass

Amendments offered by state Reps. Ed Neilson (D-174th dist.) and Jason Dawkins (D-179th dist.) to raise the minimum pay for poll workers on Election Day failed to pass. Neilson’s amendment would have increased the minimum compensation for individuals serving as judges or inspectors of election from $75 to $150. Clerks and machine operators would have seen their minimum compensation rise from $70 to $140.

ldquo;The hard-working men and women who serve our communities on Election Day are a vital component in preserving our democracy,” he said. “Without them, the integrity and efficacy of our elections would be nonexistent.”

Dawkins’ amendment would have set a fixed rate of pay for judges of election, inspectors of election, clerks and machine operators at a minimum of $10.10 per hour.

ldquo;Poll workers have not seen a pay increase in 10 years, while legislators in Harrisburg get one every year,” he said. “This is unfair, and the time has come to provide fair pay to the people who serve our communities and make sure our elections run effectively and efficiently.”

Philadelphia elections commissioner Lisa Deeley was disheartened to see the amendments defeated.

“One must consider the rationale of the legislators who voted no. Would they work a 14-hour day and earn $6.78 per hour as an inspector of election, or $7.14 per hour as a judge of election, less than the federal minimum wage?” Deeley said. “The stress that the board workers will face due to the increase in turnout for the upcoming presidential election should be reason enough to raise the pay for our election board workers.” ••

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