Thieves used card reading devices at ATMs

Surveillance photo

Authorities have released surveillance photos of two men who may be responsible for installing illegal debit card reading devices at ATMs in Philadelphia and possibly other locales.

Philadelphia police did not give specific locations where the men allegedly installed the card reading devices. A Sept. 23 news bulletin stated only that the devices were founds at Sunoco stations and that the suspects may be traveling between Philadelphia and New York. The devices are designed to be inserted into the card slots on ATMs. When an unsuspecting account holder inserts a card into the slot, the device will save vital account information contained on the card. That information will later be used to access the card holder’s account.

Police recommend that card holders inspect the card slot before using an ATM. The scanning device will usually pop off if you pull on it. When in doubt about the security of an ATM, find a different machine to use. Visit to see the surveillance images. ••