Letters to the Editor: October 5, 2016

Angry whites support Trump

The last time we gave the Republi-cant’s a presidential chance, our economy almost collapsed, mortgage, banking and auto industry were mishandled by greedy businessmen who only sought profit over the needs of the voting people. Sept. 11, 2001 happened and the U.S. went into chaos with a false war. So now those who want to support Trump will make excuses for his lack of qualifications and bad behavior only for their dislike of Hillary Clinton.

Deceitful Donald generalizes all African-Americans as if they all live in bad conditions and commit crimes. Always for convenience, he’ll flip flop to get a win. All he’s concerned about is a large percentage of them not getting ahead to move in mostly white (his angry supporters) neighborhoods. He blames Obama for black progress but it was his own party that has made any potential advancement for them difficult because of not supporting any of the president’s ideas. Such hypocrisy.

He knows he’s not qualified. He will say and make false promises to get votes. He now acts as if he alone can turn things around by saying he has a magic wand, blames others and trying to use reverse psychology. Now he wants to pander to “minorities” and tell false stories to gain votes.

He points the finger and hides his hands. He says “Latinos have taken jobs from African Americans.” False. Black males and Hispanic males do not go for the same job type opportunities — we work in different fields of interest. But he tries to use that silly logic hoping it will stick. If he was so concerned about American jobs, that was not evident on David Letterman’s show years ago when he was seen showing where his high-priced clothing line was made — not in the USA that’s for sure.

He’s such a hypocrite and got exposed. He’s hoping voters will take a gamble like his rigged bankrupt casinos. He’s running out of people to blame for his empty rhetoric so now like a sore losing crybaby attacks the same media he’s been using to glamorize his radical, fear and womanizing ego. Divisive Donald, too late. Smart voters know you are full of hot air and a con artist like most hustling businessmen.

Don’t forget, most Klan and white separatists say Trump speaks for them. Just look at his rallies and you will see them without the white hoods. At least Hillary Clinton has reached out, helped, assisted and cared about African-Americans, Hispanics and LGBT causes way before she ran for president. Think it over.

Carl Williams


Foreigners need to assimilate

We as Americans are proud to be the most welcoming nation in the world. But there are a couple of things we must ask of you. The first is that you come here legally, just like many of our grandparents and great-grandparents. The second is that you come here with the intention to become Americans and assimilate into our culture. Yes, it is we who will make demands of you; not you demanding that we make adjustments so you can create a mini-version of the country you came from.

You do not demand that America create holidays to match those you had in your homeland. You do not demand that we allow you to lay a mat on the floor wherever and whenever you please so you can engage in a prayer ritual. Do it on your own time and in your own private place. You do not demand that we allow you to come to work or enter any establishment covered from head to foot. We need to know who you are to ensure your safety as well as the safety of all Americans.

We welcome you here so long as your intention is to become a legal American. We do not expect you to be able to learn our language or assimilate overnight. We understand it takes some time and as long as you’re willing to try, we are willing to help you. But to all those who feel they don’t have to assimilate and want to create a version of their own country here in America, go back to wherever it was you came from so you can live your life as a foreigner in your own native land.

Peter DiGiuseppe


Hillary just as bad as Obama

Wake up, America, a travesty of justice is being imposed on us by our president, Barack Obama.

He has released 111 drug dealers from federal prison. This brings his total to 673 in the last several months. This total so far is more than the last 10 presidents combined. Some of the 673 were sentenced to life.

He is backing Hillary Clinton, and she wants to continue in his footsteps. People of America, please wake up, these drug dealers are on the street again, preying on our people and children. Obama is campaigning right now for Hillary Clinton to follow in his footsteps.

Hillary Clinton has just called Trump supporters all kinds of bad names, and I do mean bad names I would never use.

Obama, Clinton and the Democrat Party are leading America to a path of destruction.

Please look to your children’s future and ours.

Daniel J. Hudson

Morrell Park

The empty chair continues

During the 2012 Republican National Convention for Mitt Romney, Clint Eastwood did a humorous monologue involving an empty chair. But for the media and anyone who was supporting the opposition, they mocked the skit, and they just didn’t get the metaphor.

Now, for the 2016 election year, the same media are resurfacing that skit and ridiculing it just the same. For all those dumbfounded individuals, then and now, let me just reiterate what Clint’s monologue meant.

The chair represented a stand-in for President Obama (who, by the way, was unavailable because he was out playing a round of golf) and Mr. Eastwood was having a mock conversation with him via the chair. Every time Clint would put forth a question to Mr. Obama, concerning the state of affairs of our nation, the answer came back mute from the empty chair.

Clint brilliantly used this metaphor to convey to the audience that the first four years of Obama’s presidency was nothing more then a dead response that left empty results. Everything that Obama represented in office was nothing more than a vacant seat in the White House with no positive answers.

Now, after eight years of Obama’s presidency, electing Hillary will be just the same. She will be from the same mold as that of Obama, carrying on the same empty policies of his administration.

So all those idiots who still don’t get the metaphor, I say, we can use Mr. Eastwood’s monologue again in 2016 to mock Hillary’s chair.

Not surprisingly, her chair will be mute as well, silenced behind the truths of Benghazi, the deceitful lies of her email server, the hedge fund donations to the Clinton Foundation, and the tremendous waste of $400 million paid out to a terrorist country in Iran.

Al Ulus


Obama is killing our America

I am so frustrated to watch people sell our country down the drain! Wake up! Don’t you see what is going on?

The slanted media is telling you only what they want you to know. It is so unfair — as is the news coverage. Meanwhile the attention is off the real perpetrators doing the dirty work.

President Obama does all he can to kill our America.He releases prisoners by the droves, giving $400 million during the night to our enemy (in their currency), hosting a Muslim holiday celebration in our White House, standing up for the Muslim family at the DNC (not even being there to greet our dead from Benghazi).

Oh, and Hillary lied to the families about how and why they died. The list goes on and on. Nobody questions anything.

Hillary in the White House is another 4 years of Obama! Or worse! The deals are being made. If she gets in, our America as we know it is gone forever.

Us older citizens knew our country when it was great. I want that back. Do you think that the Democratic president in the White House kept his promises? Is our country better off than it was seven years ago? Have you ever seen such chaos?

Wake up and smell the coffee. Put down your smart phones and stop running around looking for Pokemon. Be aware of what’s going on. This is our future that hangs in the balance. God Bless America.

Carol Malinowski

Morrell Park

Trump bad for the military

Mr. Trump has insulted Gold Star parents, stated that our soldiers who were captured during the war do not deserve the medals that they received, because they were “caught.”

These soldiers were beat, tortured, maimed and yes, even killed. Some are still in captivity and MIA even today. The Donald does not understand that.

Trump then goes on to state that he knows more than the generals on ISIS and the generals have reduced things to rubble.

A reporter brought it to Trump’s attention that Gold Star parents lost their sons in action, he said, he had made sacrifices, too. Oh, Donald? Like choosing puffy or puffier hair, or a black or blue jacket? Give me a break.

Our military fight in combat in foreign lands. They march in extreme weather with 120-pound backpacks and sleep on the ground. They never know if they will make it home again. They serve proudly to protect our freedom. If they are captured, they make the most of it. If they become disabled, they never complain. These soldiers are heroes.

Yet, Mr. Trump not only puts down our military and our leaders, he puts down men, women, whites and minorites, as well as, the disabled. Remember, many of our vets become disabled in the war. If a person does not care or respect our military, how do you expect them to put our VA first? I agree that the VA has immense problems that need to be fixed, but expecting a person who has no knowledge about our military to fix them is not the answer. And if you expect someone who has nothing but disdain for the military to do it, you are sadly mistaken.

Where do you propose Trump will get the money to fix the VA? From the 500 students (many widows of vets) that he stiffed for $35,000 each?

We are all taught early in life to love our neighbors as ourselves and the law tells us to treat people equally. Mr. Trump states that he is a Christian, but chooses to love only a few “chosen neighbors” as himself. Your neighbor is everyone.

Further, the Donald does not know the meaning of the word “equal.” This is the mark of an insecure person. People like this are unbalanced, unstable, and temperamental. A true leader is confident, secure, and puts others first, not last. A leader cares about others and respects them. If you vote for a Trump presidency, the only thing that will come first is the Donald himself. Trump is not the answer.

Barbaraanne Breithaupt

Academy Gardens

Release your taxes, Trump

Donald Trump is running for president of the United States. Doesn’t the president run the executive branch of government? Doesn’t the president appoint the secretary of the treasury? Doesn’t the IRS report to the secretary of the treasury?

Before the voters can elect Trump, we must know all the facts about his relations with the IRS.

Therefore, he must produce his tax returns now and not deflect from this issue.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Darragh wants to add cops

The Philadelphia Police Department is suffering from a manpower shortage. During a City Council hearing on the department’s budget, Commissioner Richard Ross explained that 425 more officers are needed to meet ideal staffing levels. “We need to get boots on the ground more so than any crime strategy.”

A study by the RAND Corporation explained the problem in generational terms. “Baby-boom generation officers on the cusp of retirement are the greatest pending concern… and the number of retirements is likely to grow considerably in the next few years as the number of officers eligible for retirement increases significantly.”

A Justice Department study articulated possible solutions to police understaffing. The authors suggest taking an efficient, inclusive approach to recruitment that isn’t prohibitively narrow in terms of age limits. “Common characteristics of weak recruitment processes included systems that were designed to [exclude] rather than [include] a candidate. The most effective recruitment and selection processes are those that are completed quickly and allow a candidate to move swiftly from application to employment decision points.” Moreover, older recruits in a transitional phase of their professional lives may be an untapped talent pool for the department. “They have the judgment, knowledge, and skills that are desperately needed by the police industry… as long as they meet duty requirements.”

The commissioner’s testimony struck a chord because of how often I hear neighbors complain about nuisance crimes that may be a relatively low priority for a department with its weakest staffing level in 22 years. The RAND Corporation study took a direct, incentive-based approach to recruitment. Police departments “can attract and retain candidates by enhancing compensation and other benefits.”

As your state representative, I will work to ensure that Philadelphia has the resources to build the fully-staffed police force a world-class city deserves.

Matt Darragh

Democratic nominee, 170th Legislative District