Law firm opens office on Frankford Avenue

Serving their people: Mike Schafle (left) and Adam Green, of the Green, Schafle & Gibbs law firm, recently opened a law office at 6319 Frankford Ave. to serve their clients who live in Northeast Philadelphia. MARIA YOUNG / TIMES PHOTO

The Green, Schafle & Gibbs law firm has offices in Center City and South Philadelphia, but the attorneys have a wide client base.

“We represent a lot of people in Northeast Philly. We’re up here all the time. We have a lot of clients here,” said Adam Green.

Recently, the Far Northeast native and his colleagues, Mike Schafle and Charles Gibbs, decided to open an office at 6319 Frankford Ave. to serve folks in the Northeast.

“It’s better access for them. We actually work for them. It’s the right thing to do,” said Green, who lives in Packer Park. “They don’t want to drive to Center City. We need to have a physical presence for clients.”

The office for Northeast Philly Injury Lawyers is located in a storefront near the old Devon Theater.

Green and Schafle met on the first day of law school at Temple. They, along with Gibbs, worked together at the large Center City law firm Anapol Weiss. The three are joined by an associate, Jon Acklen. Steve Sharkey is the firm’s marketing consultant.

“He’s our liaison to the neighborhood. He knows the neighborhood,” Green said.

Green, Schafle and Acklen are all 2004 graduates of Temple Law School. Gibbs graduated from Widener Law School. Al are licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The lawyers speak of their hustle, energy and drive. Some of their cases have ended with seven-figure awards, and a fee is paid by clients only if there is a recovery of money.

“In aggregate, we have 50 years experience. We’ve probably recovered in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Schafle, a Chestnut Hill resident whose father, Joe, has been a personal injury lawyer for over 40 years.

“We all grew up in the area. Just call us (215–853–6824).”

Another point of pride is the number of referrals the firm receives.

A. Jordan Rushie, a referring attorney, describes the Northeast Philly Injury Lawyers as “people’s lawyers.”

“You need lawyers who will take their time,” he said.

The local lawyers will not turn away a case. If a client asks about a case outside their area of expertise, they will direct them to an appropriate lawyer.

At a big firm, the caseloads are big, and it’s tough to provide personal attention, they say.

A smaller law firm allows them to hire the best experts to make sure a client gets the best outcome possible. Less than 5 percent of cases go to trial. Based on the lawyers’ recommendations, a client can accept a settlement.

The Northeast Philly Injury Lawyers welcome people to come to their new office.

“It gives us the opportunity to take a personal approach,” Green said. ••