Cookies: Something Democrats, Republicans can agree on

That’s the way the cookie crumbles: Weinrich’s Bakery in Willow Grove is offering Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump cookies. MARIA YOUNG / TIMES PHOTO

If you can’t wait until Tuesday to show your support for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, cookie lovers can vote for their favorite presidential candidate by visiting Wein­rich’s Bakery, at 55 Ea­st­on Road in Wil­low Grove.

Cook­ies, in two sizes, fea­ture the like­nesses of Clinton and Trump.

At last count, customers had bought 618 cookies, with Clinton leading Trump, 53 percent to 47 percent.

Since Wein­rich’s Bakery began selling the polit­ic­al cook­ies in 1972, the can­did­ate whose cook­ie was bought most of­ten went on to win the race in every year ex­cept 1996. That year, Ross Perot’s cook­ie was the biggest seller.

Wein­rich’s is open Tuesdays through Sundays.


U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, a Massachusetts Democrat, visited the Hillary Clinton campaign office at 8568 Bustleton Ave. on Sunday afternoon to rally supporters.

Neal and Clinton supporters faulted the media for not being tough enough on Donald Trump, a position sure to make Republicans chuckle.

They also blamed FBI Director James Comey for sending a letter to Congress, saying the FBI had discovered emails pertinent to the investigation of Clinton’s emails. Many of these Democrats were cheering Comey in July when he recommended that Clinton not be charged in the email scandal.

As for the election, Neal praised Clinton’s experience and qualifications, saying she would be a “terrific” president. He is excited that she has a chance to win traditionally Republican states such as Georgia and Arizona.

Neal criticized Donald Trump for suggesting that Ted Cruz’s dad has a role in John F. Kennedy’s assassination and contending that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had a pillow over his head when he was found dead in bed.

The congressman encouraged Clinton supporters to win over “persuadables.”

Neal also noted that he made a contribution to Katie McGinty’s Senate campaign at the request of the Pennsylvania congressional delegation. He is predicting that Democrats win control of the Senate.


U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey has been unanimously endorsed by every major law enforcement group in his re-election campaign, in part, because of his successful effort to block the Obama administration’s nomination of Debo Adegbile to a top Justice Department post. Toomey, a Republican, led the bipartisan effort because Adegbile previously supervised the post-trial efforts to exonerate Mumia Abu-Jamal, the convicted killer of Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner.

The Inquirer reported that Katie McGinty, Toomey’s Democratic challenger, received a $1,000 donation from Adegbile.

“I am proud to fight for our law enforcement officers, who put themselves in harm’s way every day to keep us and our communities safe, and I am grateful for their overwhelming support,” Toomey said. “The money Katie McGinty took says a lot about where her priorities lie, and if she takes public safety seriously, she would return it.”

“Debo Adegbile supervised the efforts to diminish and distort the facts around the tragic murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner by unrepentant cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal,” said John McNesby, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5. “A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers led by Sen. Pat Toomey, that included Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey, ensured that Adegbile would not be honored with a senior Obama administration post at the Justice Department, something we felt very strongly about in the Pennsylvania law enforcement community. By graciously accepting a campaign donation from Adegbile while she runs for United States Senate, Katie McGinty undermines this achievement and gives great pause to those of us in the law enforcement community. McGinty must recognize this mistake and return the $1,000 donation immediately.”


Meanwhile, McGinty received the endorsement of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity, which represents more than 400 pastors and religious leaders in the Philadelphia area.

“I am proud to have the support of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity,” she said. “In the Senate, I will be proud to work alongside these leaders to advance the critical work of expanding opportunity, equal justice and civil rights to all Philadelphians and all Pennsylvanians.”

The Black Clergy is also backing Hillary Clinton and all Democrats. The group criticized Toomey.

“A politician only shows that he believes that ‘all lives matter’ when he demonstrates that he believes that ‘Black Lives Matter.’ As Sen. Toomey attempted to completely discredit the Black Lives Matter movement in his debate against Katie McGinty, we have no alternative but to conclude that he has no understanding of issues that African-Americans have with the criminal justice system. Therefore, we have concluded that we cannot support Sen. Pat Toomey in this upcoming election. Katie McGinty has demonstrated that she has the sensitivity, work ethic and character to fight for issues that we believe in.”


The Sunbury Daily Item endorsed McGinty, though it criticized both candidates for running negative campaigns.

The newspaper rejected Toomey for not taking a stance on Donald Trump and for not pushing for a hearing on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

The paper believes McGinty would bring a new perspective, though noting she is no outsider. It pointed to her support for an increase in the minimum wage, a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and for making college more affordable.


The Philadelphia Tribune is also backing McGinty, arguing that she will be an ally for Hillary Clinton.

The Tribune, which serves the black community, knocked Toomey for opposing Loretta Lynch’s confirmation to be attorney general. The newspaper also accused him of waffling on Donald Trump, claiming he is unfit to be president.

The paper likes McGinty’s pledge to uphold the Affordable Care Act, her pro-choice stance on abortion and her support for Planned Parenthood funding.


The LNP Media Group, consisting of a daily newspaper and website in Lancaster County, also backs McGinty, saying she pays more attention to the county than Toomey. The group recalled Toomey saying, “One of the great things about Lancaster County is usually the outcome (of elections) is not in doubt,” and contends he is taking the county for granted.

LPN said McGinty has taken sensible positions on middle-class tax relief, trade and infrastructure repair. Other issues the group pointed to were universal pre-kindergarten, refinancing of college debt, tax credits for businesses that offer apprentice training and creation of a national family and medical leave insurance program.


Mayor Jim Kenney is among 65 mayors from cities and towns across Pennsylvania who signed a letter endorsing McGinty.

The mayors wrote that McGinty will fight for Pennsylvania’s working families, and emphasized her dedication to rebuilding and expanding the American dream.

The letter read, in part, “Throughout her campaign, Katie has been unwavering in her focus on giving working families a hand up, and in the Senate, we know she will work to make sure all Pennsylvanians, from all walks of life, and from every corner of our commonwealth, have their voices heard.”


The Anti-Defamation League denounced hateful graffiti targeting Toomey and the Republican Party.

The graffiti, found in Toomey’s neighborhood in Zionsville, Lehigh County, included the phrases, “Look Out Toomey And You Neo Nazi Republicans,” and “Nazi, Slavers, Rapists, Cross Worshippers = GOP.”

“We strongly condemn the hateful graffiti targeting Sen. Toomey and Republicans,” said Nancy K. Baron-Baer, ADL regional director. “This act is indefensible, and is incompatible with our country’s proud tradition of peaceful political debate. Whatever a person’s political beliefs, nothing excuses such criminal behavior.

“We applaud law enforcement for their investigation into this incident. Most importantly, we are heartened to see Pennsylvanians and Americans from both sides of the aisle coming together to decry this act of vandalism. We all must work together to reduce caustic rhetoric and renew our commitment to productive civil discourse.”


The Toomey campaign released a television ad titled What It’s About. The ad highlights the recognition Toomey has received from gun safety advocate and former U.S. Rep Gabby Giffords and every major law enforcement group that has offered an endorsement in this race.

“Although there is a lot of election year noise, an objective look at Pat Toomey’s record shows he has been an independent voice in the Senate for Pennsylvania families,” said Toomey for Senate spokesman Ted Kwong. “Pat remains as committed as ever to reaching across the aisle to turn our struggling economy around and keep our communities safe.”


Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced his endorsement of businessman and former Army officer Otto Voit to be Pennsylvania’s next state treasurer.

“In Texas, we know how to create jobs and we know what a strong economy looks like. After talking with him and seeing his policy proposals for Pennsylvania, there is no doubt in my mind that Otto Voit is the right leader to serve as state treasurer. With his strong background in business and finance, Otto brings the right experience and acumen to the treasurer’s office,” Hegar said.

“Businesses and public organizations have trusted Otto to ensure their finances were clear, accurate and transparent, and Pennsylvania voters know he will do the same thing for the state’s finances. As a former Army officer, Otto will also bring the highest levels of leadership and integrity to the office. Pennsylvania is fortunate to have a leader like Otto Voit, and I’m proud to endorse him to be your next state treasurer.”

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel also endorsed Voit.

“As state treasurer of Ohio and as a fellow veteran, I am proud to endorse Otto Voit to be Pennsylvania’s next state treasurer. As a successful businessman, Otto has the right experience to lead Pennsylvania’s finances. As a former Army officer, I know he has the integrity and the leadership traits necessary to reform Harrisburg. Otto is committed to bringing government transparency to Pennsylvania, and I’m glad to stand with him in support of, his initiative modeled after our efforts in Ohio,” Mandel said.

“We implemented to increase government transparency and hold our elected officials accountable by posting state spending online. is setting a new national standard for government transparency, bringing Ohio from 46th to first nationally in government accountability and transparency. Otto’s vision for will open up government and bring the transparency and accountability that Pennsylvania taxpayers deserve.”

Voit faces Democrat Joe Torsella, the Green Party’s Kristin Combs and Libertarian James Babb. ••