Letters to the Editor: November 23, 2016

Don’t shop on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is usually the only time of year when family and friends get together and share a meal. Now the greed of the store mongrels is taking that away from us. Black Friday was a day that used to be anticipated.

Waking up at the crack of dawn, meeting up with family or friends, grabbing a cup of coffee and off to get the bargains for the holiday season.

Their increasing greed started a few years ago. The stores started opening Friday at 4 a.m., then midnight, then 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

Now this year they are opening at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

The employees can’t even have dinner with their family even if they wanted to.

What is wrong with this picture?

While the executives/owners of these companies are enjoying having their dessert and coffee on Thanksgiving, again the employees of these stores are denied this privilege.

And no, I do not work retail.

I just see that greed and/or the almighty dollar is taking precedence over family and friends again and again.

The only way to stop this is by not supporting these stores. If you must shop — shop online. The bargains are better.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. I know I will. I will be in the comfort of my home with family and friends.

Kathy Cantz

Walton Park

Classic movies are available

Seniors are getting clobbered in our economy. Zero interest rate policy is ruining their savings, and the Social Security inflation adjustment for 2017 is a paltry three tenths of one percent, or about $4 a month.

I’d like to help my fellow seniors.

I have a once-in-a-lifetime collection of classic movies I’d like to find a good home for — — perhaps a church, senior’s community or elder care facility.

I was once a college film student, and my collection is hand-picked with over 350 classic Hollywood films mainly from the 1930s thru 1950s.

This is old technology on VHS tapes, but they are well preserved and would make for many evenings of pleasure.

If anyone knows a good nonprofit in the area that would like to have this collection, please contact me at post_rich@yahoo.com

Richard Iaconelli


New Americans must adapt

In response to Paulette M. Rodriguez’s letter, “Constitution entitles people to practice their religion freely.”

Ms. Rodriguez, I never mentioned any race, group of people or religion; you did. I stand by the comments in my letter. No one has the right to demand that they be able to lay a mat on the floor wherever they want if it disrupts others or causes a safety issue. If an organization wants to allow it, then fine. If not, then go to another organization that does allow it.

If a company wants to allow you to come to work covered from head to toe, that’s fine also. But if it presents a safety or security issue to that individual or others, and the company won’t allow it, then apply to work somewhere else. No one has a right to come here fresh and demand that policies are changed all of a sudden to match those in the land you came from. Try going to another country and demand that you be allowed to wear string bikini to work.

Once again, it was you who mentioned a certain group of people and religion, I didn’t. I would say the same thing if someone demanded they be allowed to come to work covered from head to toe in a ninja outfit and practice a sword ritual. There are certain things I would like to wear to work but can’t. I would like to be able to lay a mat on the floor wherever and whenever I want but can’t and would not demand any organization allow me to do it because I say it is my native custom.

Again, I stand by what I said: people should come to America with the intention to assimilate into our culture. So you can stop throwing the Constitution around and choose your words carefully. You’re the one mentioning a group of people and religion; I never have and did not this time.

Peter DiGiuseppe


Collecting coats for vets

During the winter months, my office will be collecting new and gently-used winter coats to be distributed to homeless veterans, and veterans in transition. Both casual and formal winter coats are needed as many veterans need the formal and dress coats to wear to job interviews.

Please drop the coats at my district office at 19 South York Road in Hatboro. Thank you for generosity to our veterans.

Thomas P. Murt , State Representative

152nd Legislative District