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Letters to the Editor: Dec. 7, 2016

Best of luck to Solomon

As a resident of the 202nd district of Pennsylvania, I would first like to congratulate Jared Solomon on becoming our new state representative.

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State Rep. Solomon first ran against our incumbent representative of 42 years, Mark B. Cohen, in 2014, but failed to win the primary election by just 158 votes.

Not giving up after the loss, Mr. Solomon ran again, and in the 2016 primaries, he gained enough votes to secure the position of state representative for our district. Seeing as state Rep. Solomon is new to the position, having been officially elected on Nov. 8, 2016, I am curious as to how he’ll go about working for change.

After reading up on his plans as state representative, I wrote a letter, addressing his stance on the different issues we face every day. Two of the issues stand out the most to me — wages and education. I know he plans to raise the minimum wage, but I’m interested in how he’ll raise wages.

As a high school senior with a part-time job, I would definitely appreciate a minimum wage higher than $7.25 an hour, but I also don’t want the wages to be raised high enough to put me out of a job. For education, some of the schools aren’t in the best condition, and I believe every student deserves to attend a school that not only provides valuable resources, such as textbooks and laptops, but provides a safe and reliable learning environment as well.

As of now, I hope to receive a response from Mr. Solomon, but if time prevents him from doing so, then I completely understand.

I wish the best of luck to state Rep. Jared Solomon and will plan to stay up to date with all the upcoming changes he intends to bring to our community.

Heather Holm


Santa making house calls

Again this year, I will be conducting in-home Santa Claus visits for children who have special needs.

All a family has to do is call my office at 215–674–3755 with the details, and I will gladly arrange for Santa Claus to meet with your child who has special needs.

Call my office to arrange a visit. These visits are free.

State Rep. Tom Murt

Pot calling the kettle black

In response to a Letter to the Editor on Nov. 30, by Marilyn Brahen, who decries the uptick in hate crimes by hate-filled Trump voters.

Not one reported hate crime, such as the black female student at Villanova who said white men with Trump shirts accosted her, was true. Not one has been proven to be by the so-called hate-filled Trump voters. Anyone can spray-paint hate and tag it Trump or send hate letters and tag it Trump.

But the hatred and violence demonstrated during the election by Hillary supporters as was seen by everyone who watched the news, is undeniable.

This is the classic pot calling the kettle black. Her using the terms racist and bigoted left out a few other terms thrown at Trump supporters all during the election. The fact is hatred and total intolerance is owned by the Democrats and the Hillary supporters.

Of course the anti-Trump media make national news of all the unproven Trump supporters’ alleged hate crimes, because their candidate lost. One thing is for sure, she can wear her shirt without worrying about being attacked, but don’t wear an, “I voted for Trump” shirt, or you will be attacked. Good for you, 11-year-old boy. You may still have a good future in a safer America.

Ron Kall


A genuine bill to help seniors

A topic that plagues many Pennsylvanians is having enough money to live comfortably in their retirement without incurring critical financial hardships.

The answer may be in proposed legislation called the Keystone Retirement Security Program, sponsored by state Rep. Mike Driscoll (D-173rd dist.) and House Democratic Whip Mike Hanna.

The legislation would offer individuals low-cost, transferable Roth IRA accounts managed by the state treasurer’s office. The method used to accomplish this result would be a voluntary automatic payroll deduction without additional administrative or financial burden on employers. This would guarantee a certain amount of money for retirement. This proposed bill is sound, simple and an effective way to help many Pennsylvanians in their retirement years.

Bob Dawson

Fox Chase

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