Letters to the Editor: December 21, 2016

Time to look in mirror

In response to Marilyn Brahen’s Letter to the Editor, “Racist voters out in the open,” published on Nov. 30:

Dear Mattie: They sure are, and it is you.

I was totally blown away by your remarks and interpretation of what I thought was a beautiful picture and story about Cole McCafferty. One minute, you are calling him “sweet” and the next a racist, because he was holding up a Trump sign. If you read the article, it described a wonderful young man with a head on his shoulders. Hard working, intelligent and with goals. God bless his parents for their superior guidance.

All those other children you mentioned will be fine if people like you will give them a chance to learn for themselves. Give them a chance to make up their own mind.

You know, nothing got me more angry than the horrible ads on TV every day showing awful images of Mr. Trump and claiming how scared the children are getting. I even got a letter from a Democratic teacher fearing what it has done to his students. The obvious point of it all was that Hillary was paying for them to be on the air. I believe it is time to look in the mirror and take responsibility where it belongs.

Carol Malinowski

Morrell Park

Stop teaching hatred

In response to Scott Malinowski’s Letter to the Editor, “Liberals angry, immature,” published on Dec. 14:

What was so horrifying about the cover story about the young Trump supporter was that here we had an 11-year-old talking about the need to get rid of immigrants he had no doubt never met.

Where did a kid get such ideas? From his parents, surely. This child is being taught to hate. We are witnessing the corruption of an innocent soul.

It isn’t too late — if he can meet children of other ethnic groups and come to understand how they feel and what they fear. Compassion comes naturally. Hatred has to be taught.

This one child may still be saved. But when Scott Malinowski writes “Why should I care about how black, Hispanic, Jewish and Muslim children felt?” it is clear that for Mr. Malinowski it is already too late.

Darrell Schweitzer

Oxford Circle

Merry winter break

The School District of Philadelphia, with the approval of Mayor Kenney, added two Muslim holidays to the public school calendar. This was done in the interest of religious diversity.

These two religious holidays are in addition to the two existing Jewish holidays on the calendar.

Christmas has been replaced by winter break and Easter by spring break. This doesn’t seem diverse at all, just discriminatory.

In addition, Columbus Day has been removed, I would guess, in the name of political correctness.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is in honor of Saint Valentine, so kids, beware of exchanging cards on that day.

Let’s not forget wearing green or shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day, another religious figure.

If none of this bothers any Christians or traditionalists, by all means, go back to sleep.

Joseph R. Bucci


Happy Hanukkah to all!

Make merry kids, grandchildren

No room be sad and glum

It’s impossible be boring

Happy Chanukah has come.

Everywhere songs, orchestra

With an apple on a stick

It’s because our ancestors

Returned their homes quick.

Two millenniums as two days

Very soon has flown past

But the holiday of candles

Among holidays is the best.

Be menorah’s clear light

Candles burn more gaily

No holiday brighter

Chanukah’s a nice holiday.

Written in Russian by Moysey Barash and translated into English by Marim Barash