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Pizza man wounds would-be robber in legs

Guys who rob Northeast Philly pizza men slumped to 0-for-2 this month when a delivery driver shot a would-be hold-up man in both legs on Dec. 17, according to police.

It happened on the 1400 block of Wellington St. shortly before 9:30 p.m. According to police, two men approached the 52-year-old victim as he walked toward a house. One of the suspects placed the victim in a chokehold from behind and stole $82 cash from him as well as a pizza. When the robber released the choke hold, the delivery driver pulled a gun and fired five shots. One of the slugs struck the first robber in the left ankle and lower right leg.

The injured robber was able to limp to the 1400 block of Saint Vincent St., where police dressed in plainclothes arrested him. The 19-year-old remained hospitalized in stable condition on Tuesday afternoon. Authorities did not release his name.

The uninjured accomplice fled in an unknown direction. He was described as black and wearing a black hoodie with gray lining. Police recovered a knife at the crime scene.

Authorities did not charge the pizza man with a crime.

Separately, another robber targeted a pizza man in Tacony on Dec. 7. The crook struck that victim on the head with a hammer on the 6400 block of Ditman St. and stole $90 cash from him. But police spotted the suspect minutes later on a nearby street and arrested him. ••


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