Letters to the Editor: Jan. 4, 2017

Slow down speed cameras

Where speed cameras are used, the speed limits are artificially low and tickets go out just barely above the speed limit. This is designed to ticket average drivers for profit. Ignored is the fact that speed cameras have been shown to make significant errors. The readings have been wrong, stopped cars were supposedly speeding, and incorrect cars have been cited. All speed-timing devices and cameras have potential errors that may occur, but not be obvious.

In Washington, D.C., their own data suggests that speed was a factor in a scant 3.1 percent of crashes and that cameras of all types have not improved safety there. This is not rare, since crashes have risen worldwide or stayed steady, after speed cameras were installed.

The so-called experts pushing this also demanded red-light cameras. In Philadelphia, crashes increased after they went in. Then the same people called for stop-arm cameras, municipal police radar, etc. All of these devices rely upon poor traffic engineering and predatory enforcement.

More crashes and tickets to safe drivers are the norm. Maximum safety on roads occurs when we have speed limits posted to the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed, yellow traffic lights set to the 85th percentile plus an added pad, and stop signs only where needed. When you do the exact opposite, you will cause crashes, ticket safe drivers, and maybe the wrong drivers.

Please contact your state representative, state senator, and the governor to oppose the above in Pennsylvania.

James Sikorski Jr.

PA Advocate National Motorists Association

Donate food to help needy

Thank you to everyone who generously donated winter coats to our coat collection for homeless veterans. These coats will be donated to veterans in Philadelphia who are struggling with homelessness.

I am still collecting non-perishable food items in my district office.

These items are donated to local food cupboards and made available to needy families in our community. Anyone who wishes to donate to this ongoing effort is asked to drop off your donations to my district office at 19 South York Road in Hatboro.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Thomas P. Murt

State Representative, 152nd Legislative District

Hillary is to blame for losing the election, not the Russians

I think it’s time for the American people to take a real good look at our news media and begin to doubt and question their ability to inform the truth to us. Especially now after the chaotic handling of this 2016 election.

As of now, the outcome of the election is being blamed on Russian hacking. This fear of Russian hackers is only a diversion from the real embarrassment of Hillary’s loss. Furthermore, to actually see and hear Hillary blatantly blame FBI director James Comey for interrupting her mojo during the last week of the election was really pathetic.

Was she really questioning the authority of a top FBI agent from doing his job? In her arrogant stance, she believes she’s above the law. So now, after the election, we are supposed to believe that Russian hackers are responsible for everything that Hillary has done wrong. Again, paranoia playing into the American psyche that there are clearly no honorable winners or losers from the outcome of this election, but only vindictive people against Trump’s victory.

The hacking of the DNC materials would not have been leaked if it wasn’t for Hillary’s unsecured servers. Wasn’t this the whole issue under Comey’s investigation and the Senate hearings regarding her careless handling of top secret information while she was secretary of state? But again, the media and the Justice Department swayed away from the truth and are now feeding us fake news that Russian hackers are responsible for Hillary’s downfall.

No, it wasn’t the Russians responsible for Hillary’s loss, but Hillary herself. And if the media and Hillary supporters cannot come to terms that Hillary’s leaked emails showed her conniving personality, this “hacked” conspiracy did not tamper with votes, but rather altered the minds of the voters in the swing states by voting against Hillary. The American people have spoken, not the Russians. It was Hillary’s disregard to national security that exposed the true transparency of her flawed character. And to the media, that’s the truth.

Al Ulus