Vandals shatter stained glass windows of NE synagogue

Vandals armed with rocks shattered the stained glass windows of a Tacony synagogue just before the start of a weekly religious service last Friday evening. It was the second time in as many months that unidentified culprits similarly targeted the same house of worship.

Police met with leaders from Temple Menorah Keneseth Chai, at 4301 Tyson Ave., on Tuesday morning to assess the damage and identify potential leads in the case. According to Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum of Northeast Detectives, the synagogue officials were unaware of any other recent threats or complaints directed at members of the congregation, so the vandals’ motive is unknown.

Friday night’s damage occurred as members were gathering at about 7:30 p.m. in observance of the Sabbath. Projectiles launched from outside the property shattered about five colored panes of glass. An ornamental curtain also sustained damage, which was estimated at $2,000. No injuries were reported.

On Friday, Dec. 2, at around the same time, a rock shattered one of the synagogue’s exterior windows. The congregation paid about $350 to have it repaired. This time, a contractor has offered to replace the windows and install them for free, Rosenbaum said.

To report information, contact police at 215–686–3153. ••