Local cop awarded

Officer Christian Buckman was honored as Officer of the Month for December in the 2nd Police District, where he made multiple arrests for armed robbery and auto theft.

While on patrol on the 7200 block of Pennway St., Buckman spotted a 2013 Nissan Rogue parked in the street matching the description of a vehicle that had been stolen and used as a getaway car in four gunpoint robberies.

Buckman approached the Nissan, confirmed that it had been reported stolen earlier that day and managed to apprehend the two occupants, whom he identified as suspects in one of the armed robberies. A short time later, police were notified of two more armed robberies involving two other men. One of the cases involved a carjacking.

Buckman soon obtained confessions from the two suspects in custody, who further identified the at-large perpetrators of the two newer robbery cases. Buckman shared that information on police radio, allowing police in the 35th district to capture the other two suspects inside the second stolen car.

In all, Buckman’s actions led to four arrests in connection with six armed robberies and the initial auto theft. ••