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Letters to the Editor: March 1, 2017

Philly voters are sheep

Why are Philadelphians objecting to the soda tax? Elections, after all, have consequences, and for decades now, the City of Brotherly Love has chosen tax-grabbing Democrats and their union goons to run our city.

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Jim Kenney is just one more wealth-redistributing socialist who cares nothing about free-market principles or the Constitution. Like all Democrats, Kenney cares only about securing elitist power and control over Philadelphia citizens through heavy taxation and regulations that burden local businesses.

Here’s the bottom line. Not one penny of the soda tax will be used to improve the Philadelphia penal colony-style school system that produces illiterate morons, destined to live on welfare.

No, the money will go where it always goes, right in the pockets of Democrat politicians and union leaders.

You want to get rid of the soda tax? There is only one way. Join the rest of Pennsylvania who voted for Donald Trump and Martina White — start electing Republicans — and end the grip of communist tyranny that now enslaves Philly.

You had a Republican governor in Corbett, and traded him in for liberal Democrat Tom Wolf. Then, you compounded the crime by electing communist-leaning Jim Kenney as your mayor. Therefore, you have no one to blame except yourselves for the never-ending taxes that are obliterating local businesses.

So, Philadelphia, start voting Republican in every election, or embrace the fact that you are nothing more than mindless sheep, ready, willing and able to be sheared, eternally on the Democrat plantation called Philadelphia.

Stuart Caesar


Wolf is wasting money

Gov. Tom Wolf has stated that our state is in a fiscal crisis. There is no doubt that this is not the case. However, he decided to hire on a consulting firm that is going to cost over a million dollars to help resolve this issue.

It is hard to comprehend that the state does not have a person or persons on board who could help resolve this dilemma. The question remains, are the taxpayers going to pay some kind of hidden tax to pay for this consulting firm? Certainly, Gov. Wolf needs to explain where this money is coming from.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Keep political views out of award show speeches

The constant shout-outs at these award shows are getting ridiculous. You are actors, not politicians. The stage is for you to accept your award for whatever you seemed to accomplish in the acting department, and not to yell out obscurities of your political opinions.

We have enough political discussions coming out of our politicians and news media every which way on the airwaves. We don’t need to see it coming from actors. These award shows are meant to be the last place to escape the everyday doldrums of the working class by providing the viewer with entertainment, not political discourse.

That’s why Hollywood was invented. It was a place where the ordinary working man went into a movie house to escape the mayhem of the outside world and escape into a world of fantasy. That’s why Hollywood is the capital of La-La Land.

But to have people like Meryl Streep, Madonna and Ashley Judd constantly yell to us about their take on politics, I don’t care to hear what you think. I have my own opinions.

I don’t care to see a winner get up there on stage and start yelling their political views on national television. Yes, we do have freedom of speech, but the award shows are not the place for them. If you have a beef, then take it up on social media. That’s what it’s there for, not in our living rooms.

I, too, work with the public. My job is to work professionally and greet my clientele with respect. I don’t stand there at the counter and start yelling political propaganda in their faces. That’s not the place for it. And Hollywood award shows are not the place for televising personal grudges.

Your job is to memorize your lines and act, and that’s what you are paid for, not to campaign on an award show.

Al Ulus


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