Man steals from volunteer firefighter’s car

Surveillance photo

An unidentified thief helped himself to a volunteer firefighter’s emergency lights earlier this year, according to police. Now detectives hope that the public will recognize the suspect from surveillance video.

Authorities released the video on March 17. It’s available on the “Philadelphia Police” channel on YouTube. It was recorded on Feb. 8 at about 9 p.m. at Santucci’s restaurant, 4050 Woodhaven Road.

The clip shows a man leaving the bar area of the business and emerging into the parking lot, where he opens the driver’s door of the firefighter’s personal pickup truck, removes emergency lights from the dashboard and places them into the trunk of a nearby car. Three blue lights were stolen, police said.

Another man was sitting on a bench outside the business as the alleged theft took place. The suspect, after placing the lights into his car, approached the witness and appeared to engage him in conversation.

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