Rhawnhurst woman allegedly among ‘anarchist protestors’

Googling the term “Summer of Rage” doesn’t produce a list of contemporary anarchist movements or organizations.

The first page of results includes links to a 2010 song by outlaw country artist Summer Jennings, a book about the 1967 race riots in Detroit and Newark, as well as several lingering articles about former Fox News commentator Glen Beck’s prediction that 2011 would be a “summer of rage” for conservatives seeking to unseat then-President Obama.

But Philadelphia police say that they have arrested two “anarchist protesters” who were part of a group calling affiliated with “Summer of Rage” that committed $100,000 worth of vandalism in a gentrifying part of West Kensington on Monday night. And one of the accused is a 28-year-old Rhawnhurst woman.

Patricia Monahan, 28, of the 1700 block of Lansing St., and Geoffrey Suchocki, 45, of Doylestown, Bucks County, were among 30 to 50 people who vandalized several properties and parked cars in the area of 1500 N. Second St. and 1500 N. Philip St., police said. And this was no ordinary flash mob. According to numerous reports, the thong left behind a banner stating “Gentrification is death. Revolt is life.”

Witnesses flagged down Highway Patrol officers shortly after 9 p.m. and reported that members of the group wore all black clothing as they shattered windows, splattered paint on walls and sidewalks and ripped down security cameras within a three-block radius. The witnesses provided descriptions of two of the suspects to police.

The highway officers stopped Monahan and Suchocki as the suspects allegedly ran southbound on the 1400 block of N. American St. near the crime scene. Suchocki carried a backpack containing a black scarf, a mask, “a device used for shattering windows” and “a mission statement on how to disrupt capitalism,” while Monahan wore a mask that had been pulled down around her neck, police said.

The vandals seemed to target newly built or renovated rental properties and newer luxury model cars, police said.

Both suspects were charged with causing or risking a catastrophe, mischief, conspiracy and related crimes. They remained in police custody on Tuesday afternoon pending bail proceedings.

Exactly who Monahan and Suchocki represent remains largely a mystery. Philadelphia police provided no further explanation.

On Facebook, a search for Summer of Rage produces a link to a page created for student party-related posts at Washington State University. A hashtag search on Twitter produces a list of mostly conservative-leaning posts generally critical of public protests and supportive of President Trump. On Instagram, the same search yields several photos advocating marijuana legalization.

Monday night’s vandalism followed workers’ demonstrations in Center City earlier in the day, and a suspicious fire at a residential development project in South Philly’s Point Breeze section early Monday morning. Authorities have established no connections between the suspected arson and the West Kensington vandalism.

May 1, also known as May Day, is recognized as International Workers Day among many labor and socialist organizations. ••

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