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Hubert’s Kaitlyn Jaworski pitches in on successful run

Manning the cleanup hitter spot on the team, Jaworski proved herself to be a player willing to do anything she can for her team.

Kaitlyn Jaworski stars at first base and pitcher for St. Hubert, which lost in the PCL championship. PHOTO: KAITLYN JAWORSKI

Kaitlyn Jaworski likes to pitch.

She likes to win even more.

So when her St. Hubert High School softball team needed a first baseman, Jaworski went without an argument. In fact, she liked doing it because of the impact it made on the team.

“We were a better team with me at first and Lindsey Davies pitching,” said Jaworski, a senior. “I still pitched in some games and this year I liked first base, I didn’t mind playing there.

“Last year, when I wasn’t pitching, I played third base, but this year they moved me. I was happy because it’s easier for me to pick up the ball at first, and I like scooping up throws. I just wanted to be anywhere I could to help the team. First base was great.”

Behind Davies’ pitching and Jaworski’s bat, the Bambies advanced to the Catholic League championship game, but that’s where the run ended.

Bonner-Prendergast, the sixth seed, defeated №2 seed St. Hubert 3–2 last Wednesday at Arcadia University.

The Bambies trailed 3–1 headed into the final inning, and were able to score one run on a groundout by Davies. The game ended with the tying run at third base.

Hubert’s Catholic League season is over, but now it will play for a city championship on Wednesday against Central, which finished second in the Public League.

That game will determine the Bambies’ seed in the state playoffs.

“It’s pretty hard to lose in the championship, especially because the thing we all wanted to do was win the Catholic League, that was our biggest goal,” Jaworski said. “It was pretty upsetting to lose because we worked really hard for it, but it is nice that our season isn’t over. It’s nice we still have something to play for.”

Jaworski is enjoying a strong season. She was the only member of her team to be named First-Team All-Catholic, and she mans the cleanup hitter spot in the lineup. Her hitting was a key reason for the Bambies’ 10–2 regular season record.

“My hitting got better every year,” Jaworski said. “This year, I think I was a little stronger because I lifted, but I’m a naturally strong girl. That always helped me when I was hitting.”

Strong teammates also helped.

The Bambies have a talented squad, but the bulk of the team is underclassmen.

The team starts three seniors but plays like a team of wily veterans. According to Jaworski, the team gets its strength from each other.

Whether it was on a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, or their run in the playoffs, Jaworski liked what she saw from her teammates.

“I think our biggest strength was we all liked playing with each other,” the Rockledge resident said. “We all tried to make each other better. I would work with Lindsey, and she would help me. We all helped each other. The closer we got, the better we played.”

Now, Jaworski is looking forward to the next chapter of her life.

She will graduate from Hubert next week, and next year she’ll attend Widener University, where she’ll continue her softball career.

“I’m going to pitch and play first base, I think,” Jaworski said. “I went there for a visit and fell in love with the school. I felt at home. It was like when I went to Hubert’s, I just liked it.”

She’s also looking forward to honoring her grandmom at the school.

Two years ago, Jaworski’s grandmother passed away after a battle with dementia. While she was struggling with the disease, Jaworski spent a lot of time with her in a medical facility. There, she learned exactly what she wanted to do for a career.

“My grandmom would have bad days, and I remember the nurses being very good to her and helping her,” said Jaworski, who is in the National Honor Society at Hubert. “I would spend a lot of time with her, and that’s when I decided I wanted to be a nurse.

“I’m going to major in nursing, but I’m not sure if I’ll go to med school after that and become a doctor. I do know I want to work in medicine and help people because you can have a big impact on people.

“My grandmom wasn’t a softball player, but she was one of my biggest supporters. It will be (honoring her) by doing this. And I like science, so I think I’ll do well.”

She also has high hopes about softball.

To prepare for her college career, Jaworski will take a few road trips every week to play for the Burlington, New Jersey Sting. It’s a hike, but it’s worth it.

“There are a few Philly girls who play there because our team on the Philadelphia Spirit stopped playing,” Jaworski said. “The new team is good, it takes me about an hour to get there, but the more I play, the better I get.”

And, just like she does at Hubert, she’ll do whatever is best for the team.

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