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15th Police District honors local Officers of the Month

Officers Roberto Acevedo (center) and Thomas Wilmer (right) with Capt. Anthony Luca. SOURCE: 15TH POLICE DISTRICT

Police Officers Roberto Acevedo and Thomas Wilmer have been named Officers of the Month in the 15th district after they made 16 major crime arrests during April.

Individually and as a team, the officers investigated and made arrests for a variety of crimes including robbery, burglary, auto theft and theft from a residence.

On April 3, Acevedo responded to a robbery in progress at 7715 Frankford Ave. and stopped two men matching a description of the culprits. The victim identified both men as the robbers.

Three days later, Acevedo responded to a burglary in progress at 2040 Pratt St. and saw a black SUV fleeing the scene of the crime. The officer stopped the vehicle and detained the driver. The victim then identified the suspect as the burglar.

On April 25, Acevedo and Wilmer responded to a burglary in progress at 1348 Dyre St. and saw a man trying to climb into a home through a front window. The officers stopped the man and determined he did not live there, so they arrested him.

While working in a bicycle patrol on April 28 on the 3300 block of Englewood Street, Acevedo and Wilmer spotted a car that matched the description of a car that had been used in a theft one day earlier. The driver appeared to be using a flashlight to look inside the windows of several parked vehicles. Police stopped the driver and identified him as the culprit in the prior day’s theft. He was charged with stealing wheels and license plates from parked cars.

On April 29, Acevedo and Wilmer were working a bicycle patrol when they responded to a theft in progress at 4734 Darrah St. They saw two men using a blowtorch and cutting tools to remove an off-road motorcycle and motor scooter that were locked to the front porch of a home. The officers arrested the suspects for burglary. ••

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