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Letter to the Editor: These bureaucratic buffoons

The other week, my daughter received a summons to be serving jury duty since she is a registered voter, as is her right. She just needs assistance when she does.

This took me rather by surprise since she has Down syndrome and my taking care of her excuses me from the duty.

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I filled out the questionnaire since she is not capable: answering some of the questions as “no” since she is rated to mentally be on par with a 5-year-old, can’t read or write beyond printing her name, and is beyond understanding how a jury system works. I wrote in the comment line that she has Down syndrome. I then dropped it in the mail thinking that anyone with more than a few brain cells in the selection commission would send her an excused notice.

Last week, she received a reply telling her she needs to contact her doctor to provide medical verification that she is not equipped mentally to serve on a jury. They want to also know if she may be capable to serve at a later date, stating, “If your doctor feels your condition prohibits you from serving any time he must state so on the note.” Apparently, these bureaucratic buffoons think a person recovers from Down syndrome, like when you have a cold.

Their letter stated: “If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.” That would be great if anyone there actually picked up a phone at the number on the letter. So we’re off to her doctor’s office to explain to the doc we need a note stating she is a Down syndrome person who is not only incapable of serving on a jury at any time, but incapable of performing any adult function like working, paying bills, or even catching a bus to go down the street.

Maybe I’ll send them the bill I get to pay for having the doctor’s office supply me with paperwork; it’s not free.

Hezakiah Levinson


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