Resurrection students earn wealth of scholarships

Students collectively earned more than $106,000 in scholarships.

A+: These eight Resurrection eighth-graders earned more than $106,000 in scholarships.

The Resurrection Regional Catholic School class of 2017 has earned more than $106,000 in academic and service scholarship awards. The award winners are:

• Maria Louisa Ching: St. Hubert academic scholarship, $6,000; St. Basil Academy academic scholarship, $6,000; and St. Basil art scholarship, $6,000.

• Kevin Comey: Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Award, $12,000.

• Emily Dubeck: Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Award, $12,000, and Association of Church Musicians of Philadelphia Student Achievement Award, $100.

• Edward Kahn: Maguire Scholarship, $12,000.

• Timoney Lamplugh: Nazareth Academy Trustees’ Scholarship, $14,000; St. Basil academic award, $10,000; and St. Basil Mother Josephat Award, $6,000.

• William Liu: Father Judge Principal’s Achievement Scholarship, $4,000.

• Alexa Thompson: Hallahan merit scholarship, $6,000.

• Victoria Tran: Maguire Scholarship, $12,000.

Resurrection Regional is at 2020 Shelmire Ave., in Rhawnhurst. The longtime principal is Joan Stulz. The eighth-grade faculty members are Paul Bendetti, Shane Dougherty and Patricia Murphy. The graduation is June 14. ••