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First ever Krewstown Road Festival shuts down the block

The first Krewstown Road Festival was held on June 4 to celebrate the vast history of the area.

Photo taken by Dave Rosenblum

Sunday, June 4, was a historic day for Krewstown. The street was shut down between Algon and Bloomfield avenues for the first Krewstown Road Festival.

The road festival was meant to celebrate the vast and relatively unknown history of the area. Among its many activities, tours were given of the Krewstown Road Bridge and a nearby graveyard that has tombstones dating to the Revolutionary War.

Photo taken by Dave Rosenblum

It also took place the same day the Pennepack Baptist Church celebrated its 329-year anniversary.

“There’s a lot of history right there you would never know,” said Jack O’Hara, president of the Greater Bustleton Civic League.

If the turnout is any indication, road festivals will soon become yet another piece of Krewstown’s history. ••

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