Letter to the Editor: Dems ruining our city

Philadelphia has been a Democratic city my whole lifetime.

In 2014, Philadelphia ranked third with the big cities with a high poverty rating of 26 percent. A survey in 2014 also rates Philadelphia second among highest-taxed cities in America. These statistics are scary. So scary that in a recent article in the Northeast Times I asked Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney about poverty and high taxation. The mayor gave me an answer basically saying the beverage tax and pre-K will fix it.

This, to me, is the Democratic Party of Philadelphia. They want to combat deep poverty with a beverage tax. Their theory is to educate 3- and 4-year-olds and that will combat poverty. In the future, that might be a good idea, but for the present time, it is a horrible solution.

This city is strapped with being taxed for the special interest in our city. It is time for people to stop thinking Republican is a dirty word.

We need to realize these people take our vote for granted.

Philadelphia is really close to becoming Detroit. There is no excuse for this.

David Lee