Woman arrested for attack outside hospital

A woman wanted for a brutal assault in Frankford walked into a police station to report another unrelated crime against her.

Angela Sky Monteiro mugshot (left) and surveillance photo (right). FILE PHOTOS

A woman wanted by authorities for brutally attacking another woman outside a Frankford hospital earlier this month didn’t do a very good job of hiding from police last Friday.

Angela Sky Monteiro walked into the 2nd/15th district police station and tried to report another crime committed against her, according to Capt. Anthony Luca, commander of the 15th.

Officers working the front desk immediately recognized Monteiro as the person who allegedly attacked a 29-year-old woman on the 4900 block of Frankford Avenue on June 8. So they arrested without incident and contacted the detectives who are investigating the assault.

Police also took Monteiro’s complaint and are investigating that. They did not disclose the nature of the complaint.

Monteiro, 28, allegedly attacked the other woman without warning at about 10:30 p.m. The victim suffered facial fractures and lacerations and remains in intensive care at a local hospital, Luca said. Police aren’t sure of the motive. ••