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Letter to the Editor: Trump doesn’t deserve respect

In response to Al Ulus’ Letter to the Editor, “Respect the presidency,” published on May 31:

Al Ulus makes an impassioned plea that we respect “our current commander in chief.” Why? Are we to show him the same respect he has shown women — chewing Tic Tacs before planting an unsolicited kiss smack on their lips? Or, without warning, graciously and deftly grabbing them by their private parts? Or for lustily embracing dictators (Putin, Duterte) while spurning our allies (Great Britain, Germany, France)? For thoughtfully pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord? For altruistically championing that 23 million Americans lose their health care while using the “savings” to give a cornucopia of tax cuts to the super rich — himself included, of course?

For dissing John McCain because he was captured and Gold Star mother Gazala Khan because she stood beside her husband and didn’t speak herself? For firing James Comey, who was getting too, too close to the alleged Russia/Trump connection? For being a pathological liar, even about matters as inane as crowd sizes?

For assembling a remarkable cabinet, most of whose members either knew absolutely nothing about the department they were to oversee or had earlier heaped scorn on its very existence?

For not releasing his tax returns or creating blind trusts so that he can obscure conflicts of interest and wantonly grow his wealth? For revealing classified information to gleeful Russians in the Oval Office and, simultaneously, betraying the perplexed allies who had supplied that information? For Muslim banning? For a useless wall that Mexico will pay for?

The list goes on and on and on and on and on, just like this sentence. Again, I ask, why?

Dennis Sing


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