Maternity BVM students bring American history to life

Second graders studied and dressed as historical figures to learn (and educate) about American history.

Hands-on learning: Maternity BVM second-graders recently took part in a living wax museum. Pictured are Michael Walsh as Ty Cobb and Cole McNicholas as Elvis Presley. PHOTOS: MATERNITY BVM

Maternity BVM second-graders took part in a living wax museum, educating visitors about some of America’s most famous people, past and present.

Teachers Jackie Bowes and Peg Dooling organized the event, with children spending about two months preparing their presentation.

Among those visiting BVM were George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Paul Revere, Dr Seuss, Amelia Earhart, George Washington, Molly Pitcher, Pocahontas, Elvis Presley, Ty Cobb and Neil Armstrong.

Each child stood still as if a wax statue until a guest pushed the “button” on the table to bring him/her to life.

Once “alive,” each child gave a 10- to 20-second talk about the who, what, when and where of themselves.

Based on positive feedback from parents, faculty, staff and students, Bowes and Dooling plan to make the wax museum project an annual event ••

Seamus Pierce as Paul Revere.
Sophia Harrington as Amelia Earhart.
Scarlett Milsop as Molly Pitcher.