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Letters to the Editor: June 28

Old Glory will finally fly

On June 14, Flag Day, I announced that the inaugural raising of an American flag in the city’s iconic Rittenhouse Square Park will take place, appropriately enough, on Patriot Day, Monday, Sept. 11, 2017.

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My colleague, Councilman Allan Domb, and I led the efforts to secure the private funding and permission to erect a flag pole and fly an American flag in Rittenhouse Square Park for the very first time. Philadelphia is the birthplace of America. Rittenhouse Square Park is one of the city’s most iconic and popular public parks. It truly needs and deserves an American flag.

Through the generosity of private donors, some from Northeast Philadelphia, we recently secured funding for the flagpole and American flag. We look forward to raising it for the first time in a moving public ceremony in Rittenhouse Square Park on Patriot Day, Sept. 11.

I also would like to acknowledge and thank Corie Moskow, executive director of Rittenhouse Row, for her strong support of the effort. Rittenhouse Square Park is one of five original squares planned by city founder William Penn in the late 17th century and sits in the middle of some of the most desirable addresses in Philadelphia. High-rise residences, an office tower, restaurants and retail stores surround the tree-lined park, which offers an oasis of respite and relaxation amidst the bustling city. Named for astronomer and clockmaker David Rittenhouse, Rittenhouse Square is where visitors and locals gather together to enjoy a tranquil piece of nature.

This family-friendly park is one of the most lovely and peaceful spots in the city. On Sept. 11, it will be even lovelier when Old Glory flies there for the first time.

Al Taubenberger

Philadelphia City Council

Stop the panhandling

Panhandling is out of control. Everywhere I go, I see this inherent problem: on street corners, in front of convenience stores and gas stations. The worst is on SEPTA trains, particularly the Market-Frankford line. There are panhandlers riding the rails, hopping from train to train, railcar to railcar, trolling for money.

When you are on a train, you are literally “trapped” from removing yourself from the situation. SEPTA has its own transit police force and yet I rarely, if ever, see them riding on trains. They seem to be placed on station platforms or just standing in various concourses. SEPTA has a responsibility to protect its passengers. They can do this by increasing their undercover police force. If more panhandlers are caught and prosecuted, they will be discouraged from pursuing this illicit activity.

Ronald M. Rolli


Book donations needed

My staff and I are still collecting new and gently-used books for distribution to area libraries and individuals, as well as to needy libraries and families in Philadelphia. If you have any books you wish to donate, please place them in a box and bring them to my district office in Hatboro, located at 19 S. York Road.

Some of the most-requested books include children’s books, Bibles and books with religious themes, reference books including dictionaries, atlases, directories, handbooks, thesauruses, encyclopedias, and career search books, books that teach English as a Second Language, and ‘How-to’ books, guides, handbooks, and manuals including books about home repairs information technology, parenting, computer repairs, and other skills.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Thomas P. Murt

State Representative, 152nd Legislative District


You have arisen in hard times

In competition of thoughts, ideas,

Fighting for destruction of crimes,

Craving for the people’s freedoms.

The peoples created you by minds

For happiness their own kids,

You were cherished by freedom fathers,

The honest fighters for the peace.

As a big ship in raged waves,

Contrary to the strongest winds,

You are carrying star-striped banners,

As example in everyday things.

Many long years have been gone,

And you are floating ahead ,

The universe is following along

For independence with the God.

Moysey Barash

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