Carnell Elementary celebrates fifth-graders

Fifth graders celebrated their achievements as they prepare to move on to sixth grade.

Classroom celebrations: Laura H. Carnell Elementary School vice principal Vanessa James smiles with Walid Daoury. TOM WARING / TIMES PHOTO

Laura H. Carnell Elementary School, at Devereaux Avenue and Frontenac Street in Oxford Circle, last week held its fifth-grade move-up day ceremony.

The fifth-graders will be moving on to various schools for sixth grade.

Nylah Jones recited the school creed in front of a standing-room-only crowd of parents and other family members.

Sahrees Cole offered a welcome speech.

Danelys Luccas-Berenguer introduced the guest speaker, Times editor Tom Waring, who attended Carnell for kindergarten.

Walid Daoury and Ali Laftah presented class gifts, honoring retiring vice principal Vanessa James.

Principal Hildebrand Pelzer gave remarks before Joshauna Taylor delivered a farewell speech. ••