Home News Firefighters find drug lab amid flames inside Mayfair house

Firefighters find drug lab amid flames inside Mayfair house

The blaze broke out on Longshore Avenue on July 3. Authorities allegedly found synthetic marijuana and heroin in the basement.

A real estate broker posted images of the basement online when the house was up for sale earlier this year. SOURCE: REDFIN.COM

A house fire in Mayfair allowed authorities to discover what they claim was a working drug lab on July 3.

The emergency call sounded just before 11:30 a.m. on the 2900 block of Longshore Ave. Firefighters arrived at the unoccupied house and extinguished the flames, which were emanating from the basement. There, they allegedly found substances that looked like marijuana and heroin, along with chemicals typically used in the manufacture of illicit drugs.

Police obtained a search warrant and searched the property. According to Lt. Robert Muldoon of the Narcotics Field Unit, officers found a “weedy-type substance on the floor of the basement that was soaked with acetone,” a clear, highly flammable and volatile chemical used in paint thinner and nail polish. It’s also used in the production of various synthetic drugs including synthetic marijuana and methamphetamines.

Police did not specify how much suspected marijuana or heroin they found in the house. They also seized an unspecified amount of cash. They have announced no arrests. ••

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