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Boy saves 3-year-old from drowning in backyard pool

Hometown hero: 12-year-old Travis Jason Fleck saved a boy, 3, from drowning.

Standing tall: Travis Jason Fleck, a student at Robert B. Pollock Elementary School, pulled a 3-year-old out of a pool.

Bullies at school used to pick on 12-year-old Travis Jason Fleck for his size.

But when the school year starts up again, he’ll be returning as a hero.

Travis, a Robert B. Pollock Elementary School student, was with family and friends at a birthday pool party Saturday, July 22, at a friend’s house.

He was swimming in the backyard pool when he noticed a small foot sinking down in the water of a 4-foot pool. A 3-year-old boy had fallen head-first into the water, and Travis was the only one who noticed. Without thinking, he dove underwater.

“The only thing that went through my mind was to get the baby and get him out of the water,” Travis said. “I wasn’t going to let a baby drown in front of my eyes.”

Travis grabbed the boy and pulled him above the water’s surface. He made sure to hold the boy’s head above his own chest so he could breathe before an adult came and lifted him out of the pool.

“I didn’t want to put him on the deck and risk him falling back in,” Travis said.

The boy’s parents had been distracted by their 1-month-old infant.

Travis’ quick thinking and noble actions have made him a hero.

“I wasn’t surprised he did it, because I know he’s a good swimmer,” said his mother, Jaime. “I was surprised he didn’t even think twice. He grabbed the baby without even telling anyone because he knew how serious it was.”

Travis had been subject to bullying at school before due to his size, but he said that bullies had laid off of him this past year.

As for the upcoming school year, Travis said he’s excited to go back and see his friends, but isn’t as excited for the actual school part.

And as for bullies, Travis isn’t worried about that anymore. Any bully should think twice before messing with Travis. ••

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