Hubert grad headed overseas for basketball

It’s safe to say Courtney Hoffman has played everywhere in Philadelphia. Now she’s expanding her game.

Courtney Hoffman is headed to Italy to represent the United States in a basketball showcase. PHOTO: ROBERT HOFFMAN

Courtney Hoffman has played basketball all over the city.

Hoffman, a 2016 graduate of St. Hubert High School, played for her grade school, she played as a Bambie, she played AAU and she played in various summer leagues, including the one run by her father, the Penn Academy league.

Last year, as a freshman at Arcadia University, she played key minutes while scoring nearly three points per game.

For as long as she can remember, Hoffman has been playing a lot of basketball.

“I was always playing somewhere,” Hoffman said. “During the summer, I would play a lot of games because I had games with St. Hubert, and then I would play my dad’s summer league, so I would be there, doing the book or keeping score, and if they needed a player, I would play.

“Once, I played in a boys game. I was there anyway, so whenever a team needed a sub or just someone to give them enough players, I would get in.”

It’s safe to say she’s played everywhere there is to play in Philadelphia.

Now she’s expanding her game.

Hoffman was asked to represent the United States in the 2018 Italy Continental Cup, which takes place in June.

“I was so excited when I found out about this, because one of my assistant coaches at Arcadia (Francesca Lee) recommended me, so that was great,” Hoffman said.

“I think I was picked, not just for basketball, but because I try to have a good attitude. I try to stay positive and keep everybody up. I think that’s one of the reasons I was selected.”

This will mark the second time in less than two years that Hoffman will head to Italy.

In March, she spent a week in Sicily, but this wasn’t a basketball trip.

“I went to study abroad, it was just a week, but we did a lot of things,” Hoffman said. “We learned about human trafficking and other things. It was very good. It didn’t last long, but when we were there, we learned a lot.

“I had a great time. It was fun. The food was great. While I was there, the gelato was great, I tried to have a different flavor every day. I like all different kinds of food, I’m not a picky eater, so I tried everything. It was great.”

This trip will be a little more relaxing.

She’ll be playing a lot of games, as the team is slated to play five times during her 10-day trip. That means she has more down time, and she’s also going to do a little more sightseeing than she did in her spring trip.

“I’m going to get to see Rome, Florence and Venice,” Hoffman said. “That’s good. Last time, I just spent it all in one place. It was great, but I’m excited to experience more, see more places, not just stay in one place.

“We don’t have games every day. We have days off. This time, I think I’m going to get to see a lot more and experience a lot more of the culture. I never thought I would be going back so fast, but it all worked out great.”

Still, this is a business trip. But the business is playing basketball and representing her country.

“I’m honored to play for Team USA and to represent my school because it’s a great honor,” Hoffman said. “Anyone would want to do this. I know we’re playing teams from all over, French teams, I think an African team. We’re playing teams from all over the world.”

Before she goes back overseas, Hoffman and her Arcadia teammates have a college season to get through. She’s looking forward to her summer plans, but she’s just as excited about winter season.

Last year, Hoffman saw playing time as a freshman, which increases her expectations for the rest of her career.

“We had a lot of good, young players last year and more next year,” Hoffman said. “Next year, we’re going to have a chance to be good. We have seven freshmen and a transfer coming in, but we got close this summer. We’ve hung out a few times and gotten closer. That will help us.”

She’s prepared for basketball, but she’s staying busy in other ways, too.

Hoffman, who also played lacrosse and soccer during her Hubert days, is majoring in sports management and minoring in accounting. And this summer, when she’s not playing basketball, she’s working as a lifeguard at Jacobs pool in Torresdale.

“It’s a great job because I get to help kids all day,” Hoffman said. “I’ve had to rescue them a few times. It’s not really saving them, it’s just pulling them from the deep end if they go out by mistake. And then I give swimming lessons. I like it, I love working with kids.”

That’s probably why, some day, she’ll follow in her dad’s footsteps.

Her father, Robert, coached her while she was growing up, and it’s where she learned most of the fundamentals that carry her to success. She’d like to pass that on to the next generation.

“I think I would be a lot like him,” she said. “I loved playing for him. I think it’s something I would like to do. I think I would say the same things he said to me, it would be like two of him out there.

“My dad is super supportive. My mom is, too, but she’s not a big sports fan. They’re both proud, but my dad has been telling everyone he’s talked to about me playing for (Team USA). They’re all excited for me, and that means a lot. It’s great to have support like that.” ••