Local man allegedly threatens cop during Rizzo statue demonstration

A public school teacher made verbal terroristic threats against an officer while protesting the Rizzo statue.

Statue controversy continues: John Edward Sheerin was among a group of people demanding that the Frank Rizzo statue be removed. PHOTO: WIKIMEDIA

A Lawncrest man was arrested last Friday for hs alleged actions during an Aug. 16 demonstration at the Frank Rizzo statue.

John Edward Sheerin, 63, of the 6200 block of Hasbrook Ave., is charged with terroristic threats and harassment in connection with verbal threats of violence he allegedly made to a Philadelphia police officer.

Sheerin, who was among a group of people demanding that the statue be removed from outside the Municipal Services Building, was arrested without incident. He is a Philadelphia public school teacher.

Asa Khalif, head of the local Black Lives Matter chapter, posted on Facebook, “We stand with our comrade and he has our full support.”

City Councilwoman Helen Gym, the local NAACP and the Black Clergy of Philadelphia have called for the removal of the statue, which was spray-painted on Aug. 17 with the words “Black Power.”

Opponents of the statue claim that Rizzo, a former police commissioner and mayor, was a racist. ••