Henon joins others in showing his green thumb

City Councilman joined Mayfair organizations to beautify the neighborhood.

City Councilman Bobby Henon last week joined Torresdale Flower Shop owner Antoniette Montgomery and executive directors Sam Siegel of the Mayfair Business Improvement District and Luka Lakuriqi of the Mayfair Community Development Corporation in celebrating the placement of the 130th giant planter in the neighborhood.

The round planters replace old planter boxes that were filled with trash and dead trees.

Can you dig it? Antoniette Montgomery, Bobby Henon, Sam Siegel and Luka Lakuriqi celebrated the placement of the 130th planter in Mayfair. TOM WARING / TIMES PHOTO

In April, Henon arranged for donated services to remove the planters, which Siegel called an “eyesore.”

The Mayfair BID sought public input, and neighbors requested more attractive landscaping.

The BID funded 70 new planters, with installation beginning in the spring, and Henon donated money for 60 more.

The planters are placed along Cottman Avenue and Frankford Avenue, from Harbison Avenue to Sheffield Avenue. They are maintained by employees of Ready, Willing & Able. ••