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Weigh in on Rizzo statue

What should happen to the recently controversial statue?

The deadline is Sept. 15 at 5 p.m. to tell the city what should happen to the statue of former Police Commissioner and Mayor Frank L. Rizzo. City Councilwoman Helen Gym, Black Lives Matter, the Black Clergy of Philadelphia, the local NAACP and others want to remove the statue. Many opponents of the statue claim Rizzo was a racist.

Gym tweeted, “All around the country, we’re fighting to remove the monuments to slavery & racism. Philly, we have work to do. Take the Rizzo statue down.”

To offer an opinion, go to beta.phila.gov/departments/mayor/call-for-ideas-rizzo-statue

Or, ideas can be submitted in person or mailed to Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, Ideas for Rizzo’s Future, City of Philadelphia, 116 City Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19107. ••

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