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Students at the Fox Chase Adult Day Care were recognized for participating in the center’s tai chi and artistic programs.

Age is only a number: On Sept. 20, participants of Fox Chase Adult Day Care’s tai chi group were recognized for their dedication to the practice. Above, Anthony Bradshaw was one of the honorees. Below, Evelyn Miller thanks presenters Paula Michele Boyle and Larry Goldstein during the event. LOGAN KRUM / TIMES PHOTO

Breathe in, breathe out. Take that energy, and realize it within yourself. By doing that, you create even more energy.

This is some advice dispensed during a typical tai chi class, which can get physically and mentally demanding. That doesn’t stop Northeast Philadelphia residents aged 60 or older from participating, though.

Participants at Fox Chase Adult Day Care practice tai chi every Wednesday, and on Sept. 20 were recognized for their dedication to the practice. Participants ranged in age from early 60s to 98 years old.

Each week, about 30 students participate in the lessons, which are taught by Paula Michele Boyle and Larry Goldstein. The students received recognition for participation in the lessons, as well as artistic achievement in other activities offered at the adult day care.

One participant gratefully thanked Boyle and Goldstein, saying her kids were not used to seeing her walk around as energetically as she does now thanks to the lessons.

“We want to show the community there’s modality in music,” Boyle said.

Individuals who were recognized for their work included Margaret Rickard, William Dever, Henrietta Clark, Evadney Hylton, Anthony Bradshaw, Giovanni Dimeo, Evelyn Miller, William Ware, Ernest Griffin, Jean Baptiste, Geraldine Dowdle and John Miller.

As each name was called, the winner was escorted to accept their certificate by two nurses. Some were too eager to wait for the nurses and tried to get themselves to the front without help, which, as Goldstein pointed out, was a sign that the lessons were working and making them more active.

“I think doing an award ceremony is the best way to show our gratitude to them and showing our appreciation,” Goldstein said.

Evelyn Miller thanks presenters Paula Michele Boyle and Larry Goldstein during the event. LOGAN KRUM / TIMES PHOTO

The Fox Chase Adult Day Care, located at 7770 Dungan Road, offers care, socialization and activities to anyone above the age of 18. Boyle has been giving tai chi lessons at the center for the past year, and Goldstein joined her about four months ago.

Goldstein believes teaching tai chi is a culmination of his personal journey.

“Ever since I was a kid, I just felt something spiritual in me, so I guess this is a continuation of my path,” he said.

Goldstein is the founder of Philly Tigers, a charity that organizes co-ed sports and events, and helps at an animal shelter. He said that coming to the adult day care was a way for him to continue spreading spiritualism.

Both teachers agreed the difference the lessons have made on their students is clear. They said the participants were more energetic and clear-minded, and wanted to remain active.

Boyle and Goldstein both thanked Igor Galibov, president and CEO of the adult day care, for his work and dedication to people who go there.

Galibov and his brother, Jacob, ensure the adults are always engaged and active. The adult day care offers many other activities, such as arts and crafts, memory games, physical therapy and social games such as bingo.

“It’s a one-stop destination,” Galibov said.

The adult day care also provides on-site care, such as doctors and nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapy and even personal grooming like manicures, pedicures and haircuts.

The center is open six days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. It offers its own transportation to pick adults up in the morning. Adults are provided with two healthy meals a day. ••

To learn more about the Fox Chase Adult Day Care, visit foxchasewc.com or call 267–538–4620.

Logan Krum can be reached at lkrum@newspapermediagroup.com

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