Volunteers clean up Little City area of Pennypack Park

Volunteers turned up a makeup kit, smashed cell phone and more following a beer party in the park.

Twenty-two volunteers spent a recent Saturday cleaning up the Little City/Rhawn Street area of Pennypack Park. The Friends of Pennypack Park volunteers encountered the aftermath of a beer party. The video is on Twitter @PennypackPark.

The haul was 39 bags of trash and four bags of cans.

The volunteers included Dean Lynd, Rich Glaser, Robert McMunn, Tom Henry, Alan Kaminsky, Stacey Main, Rudy Hinkel, Lisa and Conor Plunkett, Gloria and David El, Ralph Smith, Tim McAndrews, Karen Kaczorek, Ken Lewis, Jason Trenchard, Paul Szymanski, Joyce Ferrero, Kevin Sweetra, George Scholl and Nance Kerns.

Department of Parks and Recreation employees Jim Hunsburger and Andrew Thompson hauled away the trash.

Items cleaned up included a tire, a hubcap, a smashed-up cell phone, Christmas lights, a comforter, a shot glass, a wallet, a makeup kit, a bottle of mouthwash, a toothbrush, a bouquet of artificial flowers, a sneaker, a bedroom slipper, a pair of flip flops, four “wife-beater” T-shirts, four pairs of socks, a St. Katherine of Siena Class of 2014 T-shirt, a baseball and cap, a Thomas the Tank Engine balloon and two packs of index cards.

The next cleanup is on Saturday, Oct. 28, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (weather permitting), at the park entrance near Frankford and Solly avenues. Water, soft pretzels, gloves, grabbers and trash bags will be provided. In case of rain, call 215–934-PARK. ••