Dispensary will not open in Normandy

Holistic Pharma’s Keith Morgan said he will no longer pursue a Comly Road location in Normandy to open a medical marijuana dispensary.

The idea of opening a medical marijuana dispensary at 2719 Comly Road is no more.

Keith Morgan, who referred to himself as a “financial backer” of Holistic Pharma, told the Northeast Times he is no longer interested in pursuing the location.

Morgan said he did not have a license from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to operate a dispensary in Philadelphia.

“We applied from a zoning perspective to verify that the site qualified,” Morgan said.

Verifying that the proposed site met local and state qualifications was a necessary step in opening the dispensary, but getting approval did not guarantee it would open.

The state is currently not accepting dispensary license applications, and will not be for the foreseeable future.

“I ultimately decided the best strategy would be to move on,” he said.

This does not impact the proposed dispensary location at 8900 Krewstown Road in Bustleton. Holistic Pharma was the applicant for that location, not Morgan.

“The only thing in common [between the two dispensaries] is the name Morgan,” he said. Morgan’s wife, Alixandra, is a principal of Holistic Pharma, meaning she is a part owner.

That site was approved by the state and issued a zoning permit.

“We’re moving in that direction with expectation we will open there,” Morgan said.

Greater Bustleton Civic League president Jack O’Hara said he had been considering other locations previously. Word about the progress of that dispensary remains unofficial. The idea of a medical marijuana dispensary opening in Normandy was met with disapproval from neighbors who attended the Normandy Civic Association’s Oct. 5 meeting.

The overwhelming majority of neighbors voted against the idea during the meeting. Similar to neighbors in the Bustleton area, neighbors mostly expressed no opposition to the practice of medical marijuana itself, but did not want a dispensary opening in their neighborhood.

NCA president Michele Borbidge had filed for an appeal against the permit that approved the construction of the dispensary. A hearing with the Zoning Board of Adjustment had been scheduled for November.

The two had spoken on the phone prior to the civic meeting. Borbidge said she made it very clear she would oppose the dispensary coming to the neighborhood.

Morgan and Borbidge both said they are parting ways peacefully.

“We are very happy we have a positive result for Normandy, and the neighbors are very happy as well,” Borbidge said. “I wish Keith well, and I’m sure wherever he sets up will be a well-run dispensary.” ••