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Crime Log: Nov 15, 2017

The Northeast Times provides an overview of crimes reported to the four police districts in the Northeast. The details are based on reports compiled by the Northeast Detectives division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Oct. 30 through Nov. 12

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

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2nd Police District

There were 17 reported robberies during the time period, including seven that happened in the street at 6400 Oxford Ave (Oct. 30); 1500 St. Vincent St. (Oct. 31); 6600 Lynford St. (Nov. 1); 700 Landis St. (Oct. 30); 500 Comly St. (Oct. 31); 500 Van Kirk St. (Oct. 31); and 1500 Magee Ave. (Nov. 3). Two restaurants were robbed, at 7300 Castor Ave. (Nov. 12) and 7800 Oxford Ave. (Nov. 3). Two banks were robbed with no weapons, at 6400 Rising Sun Ave. (Oct. 30) and 6500 Castor Ave. (Oct. 30). The rest happened at retail locations at 7900 Roosevelt Blvd. (Oct. 31); 6800 Bustleton Ave. (Nov. 11); 5700 Oxford Ave. (Nov. 11); 900 Levick St. (Nov. 4); 6400 Rising Sun Ave. (Nov. 12); and a private residence at 5900 Malta St. (Nov. 11).

Four aggravated assaults were reported in the area. These were a domestic assault at 6300 Langdon St. (Oct. 31); a child abuse case at 1300 Wellington St. (Oct. 31); an assault involving no weapons at 7900 Ridgeway St (Oct. 31); and an assault involving a knife at 7200 Oakland St. (Oct. 30), which resulted in the arrest of 31-year-old Jasmine Valles.

A total of 17 burglaries were reported in the area, 14 of which happened at private residences or apartment houses. These were 2000 Lansing St. (Nov. 6); 7400 Palmetto St. (Nov. 10); 7300 Bingham St. (Nov. 10); 7400 Bingham St. (Nov. 10); 1200 Faunce St. (Nov. 5); 1100 Shelmire Ave. (Nov. 6); 1200 Shelmire Ave. (Nov. 6); 500 E. Godfrey Ave. (Nov. 3); 2200 Princeton Ave. (Nov. 8); 1000 Rhawn St. (Nov. 9); two robberies at 400 E. Godfrey Ave. (Oct. 30); two robberies at 1100 Faunce St. (Nov. 6); and 7400 Palmetto St. (Nov. 10). The remaining three happened at businesses at 7300 Oxford Ave. (Nov. 10); 800 Anchor St. (Nov. 6); and 1100 Napfle Ave. (Nov. 12). The latter two involved force.

There were 81 reported thefts in the area, which yielded 17 arrests. Forty-three happened on the street, 29 happened at businesses, seven at private residences, one at a hotel and one at a doctor’s office. In addition, 21 vehicles were reported stolen, 14 of which were recovered.

7th Police District

There were four reported robberies in the time period. One happened on the street at 1900 Fox Chase Road (Nov. 6); one at a bakery at 1600 Grant Ave. (Oct. 30) that yielded the arrest of 31-year-old Johnathan Scott; one at a food store at 1900 Welsh Road (Nov. 4) that yielded four arrests; and one at a bank at 10600 Bustleton Ave. (Nov. 4).

There were two reported aggravated assaults in the time period. One happened Nov. 1 on the street at 1900 Woodhaven Road and involved a knife or cut. The other happened at an apartment house at 1700 Emerson St. on Oct. 30 and did not involve any weapons.

Five burglaries were reported in the area, all of which happened at a private residence or apartment house and involved force. They happened at 600 Red Lion Road (Nov. 7); 8200 Elberon Ave. (Nov. 12); 100 Bloomfield Ave. (Nov. 7); 1600 Hoffnagle St. (Nov. 2); and 900 Emerson St. (Nov. 7).

There were 29 thefts reported in the area, 19 of which happened on the street. Seven more happened at businesses, and the remaining three happened on the street. Eight of these thefts were of $200 or more, and 14 of them were thefts from vehicles. In addition, five vehicles were reported stolen, two of which were recovered.

8th Police District

There were three reported robberies in the area, including two that happened on Oct. 31 on the street that did not involve weapons (the intersection of Linden Avenue and Jackson Street and 8400 Jackson St.). The third happened at a bank located at 2400 Welsh Road on Nov. 6 and involved a handgun.

Six aggravated assaults were reported in the time period, four of which occurred on the street. There was a domestic dispute at 8000 Ditman St. (Nov. 4); two assaults involving a knife reported at 2700 Comly Road (Nov. 12); and one at 8100 Terry St. (Nov. 2). Two more assaults that did not involve weapons were reported at a hospital at 10800 Knights Road (Nov. 1) and a prison facility at 8000 State Road (Nov. 6).

Ten out of 11 reported burglaries happened at private residences or apartment houses. Incidents at 8000 Cresco Ave (Oct. 31), 3200 Fuller St. (Nov. 1), 3600 Bellaire Place (Nov. 5) and 3500 Woodhaven Road (Nov. 4) involved no force. The incidents at 8600 Glenloch St. (Nov. 1), 12000 Elmore Road (Nov. 3), 4400 Convent Lane (Nov. 8), 10800 Academy Road (Nov. 11), 3300 Fitler St. (Nov. 5) and 12500 Knights Road (Oct. 30) all involved force, and took place during the day. The last burglary happened at a gas station at 9900 Frankford Ave. on the night of Nov. 9 and involved force.

Of the 35 reported thefts in the area, 18 of them took place on the street, 12 happened at businesses, and the remaining five took place at residences or other locations. Ten of these thefts were of $200 or more, and 10 of them were thefts from vehicles. In addition, there were eight stolen vehicles reported, six of which have been recovered.

15th Police District

There were 25 reported robberies in the area, 21 of which occurred on the street. These were 4800 Magee Ave. (Oct. 30); 2100 McKinley St. (Nov. 5); 1400 Alcott St. (Nov. 5); 4200 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 6); 1900 Wakeling St. (Nov. 8); 1900 Fillmore Place (Nov. 9); 5400 Oxford Ave. (Nov. 10); 7700 Torresdale Ave. (Nov. 11); 1900 Haworth St. (Oct. 31); 5000 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 5); 6100 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 7); Unruh Avenue and Marsden Street (Oct. 30); 6600 Ditman St. (Oct. 30); 4000 Robbins St. (Oct. 30); 4600 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 2); 2500 Lefevre St. (Nov. 4); 4900 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 4); 3500 Ryan Ave. (Nov. 4); 5000 F St. (Nov. 6); 5400 Torresdale Ave. (Nov. 6); and 5200 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 6). The remaining incidents happened at a drugstore at 1600 Bridge St. (Nov. 2); 4500 Castor Ave. (Nov. 6); a private residence at 4800 Comly St. (Nov. 7); and a mini market at 5000 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 2). A total of nine arrests were made in relation to robberies during the time period.

Of the 23 reported aggravated assaults in the area, eight were domestic, four involved a handgun, and seven involved another weapon. Eighteen of the assaults took place on the street, and five took place at private residences. Five arrests were made, including 37-year-old Miguel Morales, 38-year-old Vanessa Martin, 59-year-old Jimmy Wade Burns, 56-year-old Pamela Parks and 30-year-old Benjamin Williams.

There were 24 reported burglaries, 16 of which happened at a private residence or apartment house. These were 5800 Tulip St. (Oct. 30); 6100 Torresdale Ave. (Oct. 31); 4000 Shelmire Ave. (Nov. 3); 6400 Ditman St. (Nov. 8); 2500 Orthodox St. (Nov. 12); 3400 Princeton Ave. (Nov. 4); 3500 Oakmont St. (Nov. 5); 3400 Friendship St. (Nov. 9); 3200 St. Vincent St. (Nov. 9); 6000 Duffield St. (Nov. 10); 6700 Gillespie St. (Oct. 31); 3000 Gilham St. (Nov. 2); 4200 Penn St. (Nov. 8); and two at 3900 Roosevelt Blvd. (Nov. 6). Two took place at office buildings located at 2200 Adams Ave. and 7300 Milnor St., both on Nov. 5. The remainder took place at various locations, including on the street at 5200 Comly St. (Nov. 3) and 1300 Foulkrod St. (Nov. 10).

Among 87 reported thefts, 55 of them happened on the street (26 of which were from vehicles), 19 of them at businesses, 12 at private residences and one at an unlisted location. Twenty-three of them involved thefts of $200 or more. In addition, 28 vehicles were reported stolen, with 19 of them being recovered. ••

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