Local groups clean up Pennypack Park

The Greater Bustleton Civic League and Friends of Pennypack Park recently cleaned up portions of Krewstown Road and Verree Road.

Leah Press, Jim and Sandy Stewart and Jack O’Hara, president of the civic association, cleaned Krewstown Road, giving Alan Kaminsky a day off. Kaminsky, in an orange vest and wheeling a trashcan, cleans the road each Sunday. Press, O’Hara and the Stewarts removed five bags of trash and one bag of twigs and leaves.

Seven volunteers cleaned Verree Road. They were Maureen, Ben and Marie Quiles-Rosa; Charlie Troy; Mary O’Hara-Vacchiano; Carl Jadach; and Nance Kerns. They cleaned both sides of the road, from Bloomfield Avenue to St. Stephen’s Orthodox Cathedral, along with the area around the Champions Playground tot lot at Susquehanna Road.

The volunteers removed seven bags of trash and one bag of recycling. Items collected included a computer monitor, a TV, a typewriter, a wine bottle, a hubcap, car parts and empty beer cans. ••