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Crime log: Nov. 29, 2017

The Northeast Times provides an overview of crimes reported to the four police districts in the Northeast. The details are based on reports compiled by the Northeast Detectives division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Nov. 13 through 26

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

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2nd Police District

There were seven reported robberies in the time period, three of which happened on the street (5200 Howland St. on Nov. 15, 7900 Roosevelt Blvd. on Nov. 25 and a vehicle on 1100 Faunce St. on Nov. 16). Three happened at businesses: 6500 Castor Ave. on Nov. 17, 5900 Rising Sun Ave. on Nov. 23 and a restaurant at 900 Cottman Ave. on Nov. 16) The seventh occurred at an office building located at 7100 Castor Ave. on Nov. 14.

The 11 reported aggravated assaults resulted in four arrests. Six of these happened on the street; 5700 Oxford Ave. on Nov. 18 involving a handgun; 5400 Roosevelt Blvd. on Nov. 20 involving a handgun; 500 Rosalie St. on Nov. 23 involving a handgun; 7400 Roosevelt Blvd. on Nov. 21 involving a weapon; 1100 Unruh Ave. on Nov. 25 involving a weapon; and a domestic dispute at 800 Rhawn St. on Nov. 21. There was also a domestic dispute at a private residence at 1200 Elbridge St. on Nov. 23; a private residence at 1300 Disston St. on Nov. 16 involving a handgun; an assault involving a handgun at an apartment house at 4900 Miriam Road on Nov. 25; and an assault involving a handgun at a private residence at 1100 Kerper St. on Nov. 25. There was also one instance at a bar/cafe at 7600 Castor Ave. on Nov. 26.

Of the eight reported burglaries, seven of them happened at private residences or apartment houses. These happened at 800 Loney St. on Nov. 19; 7200 Tabor Ave. on Nov. 16; 7400 Algon Ave. on Nov. 15; 5500 N. Hill Creek Drive on Nov. 20; 6300 Rising Sun Ave. at Nov. 26; 6400 Oxford Ave. on Nov. 24; and 700 Levick St. on Nov. 15. There was also one reported burglary that happened on the street at 600 Knorr St. on Nov. 22.

Among the 93 reported thefts, 29 of them involved plunders of $200 or more. Forty-seven of the incidents happened on the street, 35 took place at businesses, nine happened at private residences or apartment houses and one happened each at a library and a school. There were also 13 reported stolen vehicles, eight of which have been recovered.

7th Police District

There were five reported robberies during the time period. Two took place at a department store at 11000 Roosevelt Blvd, once on Nov. 16 and again on Nov. 25, neither incident involving weapons. One incident took place at a bank located at 11800 Bustleton Ave. on Nov. 25, and there was an incident at a grocery store/deli at 8200 Roosevelt Blvd. on Nov. 22 involving a knife. One robbery involving a handgun took place on the street at 10000 Verree Road on Nov. 13.

There were three reported aggravated assaults that yielded three arrests. All three took place at private residences, located at 1800 Placid St. (Nov. 15), 15200 Bernita Drive (Nov. 21) and 400 Parlin Place (Nov. 25). Those arrested are Eleni Antonopoulos, 40, Joanne Figueroa, 52, and Vladimr Pankratov, 52.

All three reported burglaries occurred at private residences or apartment houses. They took place at 10600 Cowden St. (Nov. 26), 500 Lawler St. (Nov. 15) and 1200 Norwalk Road (Nov. 17).

Of the 29 reported thefts, 16 happened on the street, 10 happened at businesses and three happened at a private residence or apartment house. More than $200 was taken during 11 of the incidents. In addition, there were five reported stolen vehicles, one of which was recovered.

8th Police District

Two of the three reported robberies in the time period took place on the street, one at 3100 Willits Road on Nov. 16, and one at 9100 Revere St. on Nov. 24. Neither instance involved weapons. The third took place at a bank at 12300 Academy Road on Nov. 21 and involved a handgun.

Steven Paynter, 39, was arrested Nov. 19 after an aggravated assault that happened on the street at 9200 Frankford Ave. The one other reported aggravated assault in the time period happened at a prison facility at 8000 State Road on Nov. 21.

All six reported burglaries took place at private residences. They happened at 9200 Academy Road (Nov. 25), 3800 Oak Drive (Nov. 13), 8700 Jackson St. (Nov. 14), 9200 Glenloch St. (Nov. 25), 8700 Gillespie St. (Nov. 13) and 9600 Leon St. (Nov. 18).

There were 51 reported thefts in the area, 19 of which happened at businesses and 12 of which were stolen from vehicles. In addition, 11 vehicles were reported stolen, six of which have been recovered.

15th Police District

There were 27 reported robberies in the time period, 20 of which happened on the street. These incidents occurred at 1400 Arrott St. (Nov. 13); 1800 Haworth St. (Nov. 13); 4100 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 15); 5100 Duffield St. (Nov. 15); 5000 Griscom St. (Nov. 23); 4800 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 25); 5200 Ditman St. (Nov. 26); 5200 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 24); 5200 Saul St. (Nov. 14); 6600 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 17); 7500 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 18); 7900 Frankford Ave. (Nov. 20); 6100 Torresdale Ave. (Nov. 21); 4500 Aldine St. (Nov. 21); 5100 Penn St. (Nov. 25); 4200 Loring St. (Nov. 26); 3300 Decatur St. (Nov. 17); 4000 Gilham St. (Nov. 26); 4200 Kensington Ave. (Nov. 21); and 1300 Sellers St. (Nov. 15). Six happened at businesses located at 5200 Torresdale Ave. (Nov. 15); 2700 Orthodox St. (Nov. 20); 4500 Castor Ave. (Nov. 21); 3300 Tyson Ave. (Nov. 21); 6700 Torresdale Ave. (Nov. 21); and 4200 Levick St. (Nov. 22). One took place at an office building at 5900 Torresdale Ave. on Nov. 15.

The 25 reported aggravated assaults resulted in 25 arrests, though it was not match-for-match. Three incidents involving handguns on the street at 2000 Wilmot St. on Nov. 18 resulted in 15 arrests of individuals aged 18 to 42. Fourteen of the incidents took place in the street, 10 happened at private residences or apartment houses and one took place at a finance company located at 1600 Bridge St. (Nov. 13).

Seventeen of the 21 reported burglaries took place at private residences or apartment houses. These were located at 4500 Salmon St. (Nov. 13); 2000 Margaret St. (Nov. 13); 1600 Wakeling St. (Nov. 18); 4500 Higbee St. (Nov. 20); 4900 Mulberry St. (Nov. 13); 4700 Longshore Ave. (Nov. 17); 4000 Devereaux Ave. (Nov. 14); 2000 Orthodox St. (Nov. 13); 3500 Ashville St. (Nov. 15); 5100 Duffield St. (Nov. 16); 3100 Guilford St. (Nov. 19); 1600 Bridge St. (Nov. 23); 5800 Harbison Ave. (Nov. 24); 3200 Englewood St. (Nov. 25); 1300 Kennedy St. (Nov. 26); and 4800 Knorr St. (Nov. 25). One took place at an auto parts store at 1600 Foulkrod St. (Nov. 19), and one took place at a building under construction at 5300 Jackson St. (Nov. 13). A church at 2700 Kirkbride St. reported a burglary on Nov. 18, and a factory at 4600 Bermuda St. reported one on Nov. 13.

There were 90 reported thefts in the area, 32 of which were stolen from vehicles and 20 of which were from businesses. More than $200 was stolen during 28 of these incidents. In addition, 30 vehicles were reported stolen, 18 of which were recovered. ••

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