Frankford Boys & Girls Club gets $200K grant

State Sen. Christine Tartaglione and state Rep. Jason Dawkins presented the Northeast Frankford Boys & Girls Club with a grant for $200,000.

State Sen. Christine Tartaglione and state Rep. Jason Dawkins presented a $200,000 grant to the Northeast Frankford Boys & Girls Club.

Tartaglione and Dawkins secured the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Grant from the state Commonwealth Financing Authority.

“It’s our responsibility to make sure kids have a future and have a place to go. I’m really excited this is happening. Everything is getting nicer and nicer,” Tartaglione said.

“I was raised in this Boys & Girls Club. I do not think I would be here in this capacity today if not for this club,” Dawkins said. “When we talk about igniting possibilities in young people, this club ignited something in me. This is what kept me out of the streets, kept me alive and kept me on the right path. I had very good mentors who were very stern and stayed on top of me for very good reasons. I am so pleased that we can do something real and give back.”

The club will use the money to create a social recreation room and complete major renovations to its century-old, two-story building on Kinsey Street.

“The support of Sen. Tartaglione and Rep. Dawkins was critical in making this project a reality,” said Joseph Marziello, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia. “They are truly champions for our kids and have worked alongside us as we’ve fought to give youth in Frankford and across the city access to the resources they need to succeed.” ••