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Letters to the editor: Nov. 29, 2017

In this week’s letters to the editor, residents and officials discuss tax reform, the School District of Philadelphia and more.

Time for tax reform is now

We, the undersigned organizations, write to Sens. Pat Toomey and Robert Casey to express our strong support for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, as modified by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch.

Pennsylvania workers and employers all across the commonwealth stand to benefit greatly from the most significant pro-growth tax reform legislation in three decades.

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For hard-working families and individuals, this legislation makes the complex and painful process of filing your taxes simpler while delivering significant direct tax rate relief. Just as importantly, the bill makes fundamental reforms to an outdated code so our economy can grow and American businesses, both large and small, are globally competitive once again.

The pro-growth incentives in the bill are many: full expensing of new equipment and machines, reduction in tax rates for pass-through businesses, and a globally competitive tax rate on corporations that is made permanent so more investment occurs in America and not overseas. Together, these modifications will encourage small, mid-sized and large Pennsylvania companies to invest in their factories, expand their domestic operations, and hire more workers.

We are excited about the tremendous economic growth opportunity that tax reform provides to our state, local employers and workers. And while no legislation is perfect, we believe passage of the chairman’s mark of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will result in higher wages and salaries for workers, more job opportunities, and a better economy for all Pennsylvanians.

We urge adoption of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and thank you in advance for consideration of our views.

Gene Barr, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

Kevin Shivers, National Federation of Independent Business

David N. Taylor, Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association

Shut down the school district

It should be embarrassing that the School District of Philadelphia’s high school graduation rate went up only 1 percent.

The school district and the government have been lowering the standards for years. The students are basically taught to pass specific tests. Yet, here are the politicians and superintendent receiving plaudits for a job well done.

Between the billion dollars in debt and the teachers union, close the district and start all over.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Hollywood exploiting kids

You know what is more sickening than the Weinstein allegations of sexual abuse in Hollywood, is the exploitation of young runaways in the porn industry in Hollywood, or in the sex slave industry, that should be the biggest outcry.

Yes, we knew there was the infamous “casting couch” in sleazy Hollywood. To become famous, it’s who you knew. That was no surprise.

And yes, sexual abuse toward both men and women is not tolerable, but what is not being questioned by the outspoken voices from Hillary, the Obamas and every movie star that stepped out into the spotlight is the same exploitation against missing children who end up in child pornography by the very sleazy moguls who make them.

Children are being exploited as much as these actors and actresses are, but where’s the outcry?

And what’s more outrageous is how the porn industry has become more accessible through the internet and within everyone’s reach on their mobile phones. That’s why it has begot perverts such as Anthony Weiner, Jerry Sandusky and other pedophiles. So it’s not only Hollywood that we should be outraged with, but whole of society that allows such crude behavior that should be addressed as well.

Al Ulus


Put Rizzo in South Philly

I think that the statue of Big Frank should be moved and placed where Frank was more comfortable in life, his old neighborhood in South Philadelphia. Perhaps Marconi Plaza.

And while we’re about moving statues, let’s not forget the one that sits atop City Hall. That’s right, William Penn. After all, he owned slaves, so in keeping up with the rest of the country, Mr. Penn has to go also.

I’m sure in time that statues won’t be enough. I predict the next item to go will be Old Glory. It’s not far-fetched because in London, no individual can fly the Union Jack lest it be deemed offensive to certain groups of people. It’s flown only over government buildings.

Frank DeMeo


Speak your mind

Letters should be 300 words or fewer. All letters are subject to editing and must include the writer’s full name and a phone number for verification purposes. Anonymous letters will not be published. Mail to: Letters to the Editor, Northeast Times, 2 Executive Campus, Suite 400, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 or email news@northeasttimes.com

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