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Crime Log: Jan. 8–24

The Northeast Times provides an overview of crimes reported to the four police districts in the Northeast. The details are based on reports compiled by the Northeast Detectives division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd Police District

There were 14 reported robberies in the time period, 10 of which took place on the street. These incidents took place at 5700 Bingham St. (Jan. 11); 7500 Roosevelt Blvd. (Jan. 12); 6100 Castor Ave. (Jan. 13); 400 Robbins St. (Jan. 16); 1600 Longshore Ave. (Jan. 20); 5900 Shisler St. (Jan. 10); 500 Sanger St. (Jan. 10); 1800 Cottman Ave. (Jan. 12); 7100 Bustleton Ave. (Jan. 17); and the intersection of Bustleton Avenue and Knorr Street (Jan. 21). There were also three chain stores targeted at 700 Adams Ave. (Jan. 15), 6700 Castor Ave. (Jan. 17) and 6400 Castor Ave. (Jan. 10). A grocery store at 5800 Rising Sun Ave. was robbed on Jan. 11.

The nine reported aggravated assaults resulted in two arrests. These two assaults took place on the street at 2311 Cottman Ave. (Jan. 10), which resulted in the arrest of 51-year-old Medhat Abdelkhalek, and the corner of Levick and Large streets (Jan. 15), which resulted in the arrest of 28-year-old Devidson Denoyer. Another incident happened on the street at 6700 Rising Sun Ave. on Jan. 8. The rest of the incidents took place at private residences, including domestic assaults at 400 Passmore St. (Jan. 13), 6200 Algon Ave. (Jan. 15) and 6000 Shisler St. (Jan. 18); two incidents involving a handgun at 6500 Rising Sun Ave. (Jan. 14), and an incident involving a weapon at 1600 Hellerman St. (Jan. 8).

Nine burglaries were reported, seven of which took place at private residences or apartment houses. These were at 800 Foulkrod St. (Jan. 15); 900 Griffith St. (Jan. 15); 5500 Loretto Ave. (Jan. 18); 6500 Horrocks St. (Jan. 19); 1700 Ripley St. (Jan. 18); and 7200 Oxford Ave. (Jan. 15). A burglary at a gas station at 5900 Oxford Ave. took place Jan. 16, and a burglary at a clothing store at 6400 Rising Sun Ave. took place Jan. 20.

Of the 68 reported thefts, 32 were stolen from vehicles and 31 were from businesses or retail. Eleven of the thefts were loots of $200 or more. In addition, there were 22 vehicles reported stolen, 15 of which were recovered.

7th Police District

There were two robberies reported, which took place at a grocery store on 14100 Bustleton Ave. (Jan. 17) and a department store at 11000 Roosevelt Blvd. (Jan. 21). There were also three aggravated assaults, including an assault that happened on the street at 2100 Red Lion Road (Jan. 11), which involved a handgun, an assault that took place at an apartment house at 10100 Jamison Ave. (Jan. 8) that involved a rifle, and an assault on the street at 11700 Centennial Square (Jan. 14).

All eight reported burglaries took place at private residences or apartment houses. These took place at 1600 Rhawn St. (Jan. 13); 8300 Pine Road (Jan. 14); 9800 Haldeman Ave. (Jan. 9); 9900 Woodfern Road (Jan. 12); 10900 Bustleton Ave. (Jan. 10); 600 Red Lion Road (Jan. 17); 900 Emerson St. (Jan. 17); and 9900 Bustleton Ave. (Jan. 9).

Of the 31 reported thefts, 16 were taken from vehicles, 10 were taken from businesses and the rest were from private residences, apartment houses or pickpocketing. Nine were plunders of $200 or more. One incident of a theft of $50 to $200 at a hardware store at 11700 Bustleton Ave. on Jan. 16 resulted in the arrest of 26-year-old Ashley Renzi. In addition, there were six vehicles reported stolen, at least three of which have been recovered. Thirty-year-old Michele Cipriano was arrested in relation to a stolen vehicle on Jan. 16.

8th Police District

The district saw three reported robberies. Two took place inside and outside a drug store located at 9200 Frankford Ave. (Jan. 19); the third took place at a chain store at 3200 Red Lion Road on Jan. 19 and involved a handgun. There were also three reported aggravated assaults. One domestic dispute took place on the street outside of 3300 S. Keswick Road on Jan. 16 and resulted in the arrest of 38-year-old Angela Gallagher. The other two took place at a prison facility at 8101 State Road (Jan. 20) and involved a knife, and a domestic dispute at an apartment house at 4500 Enfield Ave. (Jan. 14).

Four of the seven reported burglaries took place at private residences or apartment houses. These took place at 2600 Winchester Ave. (Jan. 12); two instances at 10800 Keswick Road (Jan. 13 and Jan. 21); and 9200 Wooden Bridge Road (Jan. 17). The remaining burglaries took place at businesses, including a retail store at 8200 Frankford Ave. (Jan. 9); a department store at 9700 Roosevelt Blvd. (Jan. 8); and a store at 3800 Morrell Ave. (Jan. 12).

There were 43 reported thefts, which yielded nine arrests. Thefts from businesses accounted for 18 of them, and 13 were from vehicles. Fourteen were thefts of $200 or more. In addition, there were eight vehicles reported stolen, three of which have been recovered.

15th Police District

There were 18 robberies reported in the district, including nine that took place in the street. Handguns were involved in four street incidents at 5800 Saul St. (Jan. 8); 6300 Charles St. (Jan. 9); 4200 Benner St. (Jan. 10); and 7000 Edmund St. (Jan. 18). Other robberies included three office buildings at 6400 Sackett St. (Jan. 16), 1500 Pratt St. (Jan. 21) and 6600 Frankford Ave. (Jan. 9). Two took place at grocery stores located at 4200 Paul St. (Jan. 8) and 6900 Torresdale Ave. (Jan. 14). One robbery at a private residence at 6200 Tackawanna St. on Jan. 16 involved a handgun.

Eight arrests were made in relation to 19 reported aggravated assaults. All eight arrests took place at private residences located at 4600 Oakmont St. (Jan. 15), which saw 36-year-old Lucas Cordero arrested; 5000 E. Roosevelt Blvd. (Jan. 10), which saw 36-year-old Russone Gregory arrested; 7100 Edmund St. (Jan. 15), which saw 37-year-old John Didonato arrested; 4300 E. Wingohocking St. (Jan. 10), which saw 25-year-old Johanssy Payano-Acosta arrested; 3000 Rawle St. (Jan. 14), which saw 23-year-old Louis Merenda arrested; 5000 Homestead St. (Jan. 19), which saw 20-year-old Lakesha Anderson arrested; 6500 Torresdale Ave. (Jan. 21), which saw 33-year-old Yaman Jenkins arrested; and 4500 Bleigh Ave. (Jan. 21), which saw 27-year-old Elldwood Cherry arrested in relation to child abuse. There were also six reported assaults on the street (4700 Longshore Ave., 5200 Burton St., 2600 Levick St., 1600 Bridge St., 2700 Hellerman St. and 6300 Calvert St.), which all involved weapons.

Twelve burglaries were reported, nine of which happened at private residences or apartment houses. These were located at 4600 Naples St. (Jan. 21); 3400 Friendship St. (Jan. 9); 1600 Harrison St. (Jan. 20); 4900 Penn St. (Jan. 8); 6700 Rowland Ave. (Jan. 10); 4600 Torresdale Ave. (Jan. 16); 2100 Sanger St. (Jan. 10); and 3200 Wellington St. (Jan. 10). There were also two burglaries at stores located at 7200 Torresdale Ave. (Jan. 18) and 5200 Roosevelt Blvd. (Jan. 8), and one burglary at a church at 1600 Haworth St. on Jan. 18.

Of the 72 reported thefts, 28 were from vehicles, 14 were from businesses, seven from private residences or apartment houses, eight from the street and nine of them were vehicle tags. At least 19 thefts were of $200 or more. Ten arrests were made in relation to thefts. There were also 53 vehicles reported stolen, 35 of which were recovered. Six arrests were made in relation to stolen vehicles. ••

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