West Torresdale Civic expands to include Morrell Park

The civic association’s boundaries were expanded in a near unanimous vote.


The West Torresdale Civic Association last week voted to enlarge its boundaries, adding Morrell Park in a near-unanimous vote.

The only ones who were allowed to vote on the matter to expand the boundaries were those who lived in the specific West Torresdale map. The board distributed maps outlined in yellow highlighter of what the new boundaries of the civic would look like if Morrell Park were to be added. The civic group will now be referred to as the “West Torresdale/Morrell Park Civic Association,”

In other news:

• Officer Patricia Rosati addressed the recent break-ins in the 8th Police district and talked about what steps can be taken to help prevent it from happening. Rosati discussed a program called “SafeCam,” in which one can register a camera with the Philadelphia Police Department in an effort to deter crime and assist the police in neighborhood crime prevention. Rosati stressed to those in attendance to never hesitate to reach out to the 8th District with any question.

• The civic association voted to donate $100 to Morrell Park’s Town Watch, which was also matched by an individual in attendance.

  • The next meeting will be held March 22 at 6:30 p.m. in the 8th Police District Community Room, 3100 Red Lion Road. ••

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