Medical marijuana dispensary confirmed

Holistic Pharma will open up shop in Bustleton with an estimated opening date of late March or early April.

It was a long time coming, but a representative from Holistic Pharma (finally) officially confirmed the dispensary will be opening at its long-eyed Bustleton location at 8900 Krewstown Road.

Greater Bustleton Civic League president Jack O’Hara announced to the association Jan. 24 that Keith Morgan of Holistic Pharma had given him official confirmation. While Morgan had not confirmed the dispensary’s opening to the Northeast Times, he had provided a potential timeline of the opening, and said earlier this month that crops had begun to grow in western PA.

“We’ve exhausted every possibility and decided the Krewstown Road location was the best one,” Morgan said.

Morgan said the dispensary is still looking at an opening near the end of the first quarter of the year. Previously, he had given the end of March and the beginning of April as potential launching dates.

Opening then would make it one of the city’s first dispensaries. More than 10,000 patients have registered for the medicine in Pennsylvania.

Holistic Pharma will also be opening one location in Maryland, which is close to opening, and two other Pennsylvania locations at West Norriton and Bensalem. All are expected to open before the Bustleton location.

Morgan and O’Hara have been discussing the interior and exterior design of the building. Since Morgan announced his interest in the area, O’Hara has been advocating for a top-notch facility.

“It’s going to be quite beautiful,” Morgan said. “The interior will be amazing.”

No designs have been finalized, though Morgan said it would look similar to the other locations once they open. ••