Crime Log: Jan. 22 – Feb. 4

The Northeast Times provides an overview of crimes reported to the four police districts in the Northeast. The details are based on reports compiled by the Northeast Detectives division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Jan. 22 through Feb. 4

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd Police District

There were six robberies reported, all of which took place on the street. An incident at 5800 Oxford Ave. on Jan. 27 resulted in the arrest of 24-year-old Edward Jackson-Porter. Another incident at 6100 Large St. on Jan. 25 resulted in two arrests. The other incidents took place at 6700 Castor Ave. (Jan. 22) and involved a handgun; 4600 Roosevelt Blvd. (Jan. 25) and involved a knife; 5300 Whitaker Ave. (Jan. 27); and a purse snatching at 1600 Longshore Ave. (Feb. 1).

The seven reported aggravated assaults included an incident at a food store located at 2200 Cottman Ave. on Jan. 26. Police arrested 24-year-old David Cancellier Jr., who had wielded a knife at the store. Four incidents took place in the street at 5800 Rising Sun Ave. (Jan. 29), involving a handgun; 2400 Hartel Ave. (Feb. 4), involving a handgun and resulting in an arrest; 6700 Castor Ave. (Jan. 28); and 900 Brighton St. (Jan. 24). A domestic assault took place at a private residence at 6000 Agusta St. (Jan. 24), and a child abuse instance took place at a private residence at 5500 Loretto Ave. (Jan. 30).

Fourteen burglaries were reported in the area, most of which happened at private residences or apartment houses. These took place at 7300 Montour St. (Jan. 25); 700 Garland St. (Feb. 3); 6700 Castor Ave. (Jan. 28); 600 Mayfair St. (Jan. 22); 8000 Oxford Ave. (Jan. 26); 6300 Bingham St. (Jan. 30); 400 Sanger St. (Feb. 1); 800 Brill St. (Jan. 22); 5100 Montour St. (Jan. 24); and 7400 Dorcas St. (Jan. 26). Other instances took place at a chain store at 6300 Rising Sun Ave. (Jan. 27); a bakery at 6300 Oxford Ave. (Jan. 31); a carwash at 800 Cottman Ave. (Feb. 2); and a chain store at 6400 Rising Sun Ave. (Jan. 31).

Of the 58 reported thefts, 20 of them were from vehicles, 20 were from retail, 11 were from the street and seven were from private residences or apartment houses. Twelve arrests were made. At least 17 of the thefts were of $200 or more. In addition, 17 vehicles were reported stolen, at least nine of which have been recovered. One arrest was made.

7th Police District

One culprit was responsible for three of the five reported robberies in the time period. Jason Sperduto, 40, was arrested in relation to three robberies: a robbery at a barber shop at 11000 Roosevelt Blvd. (Jan. 26), a cleaner or laundromat at 8200 Roosevelt Blvd. (Jan. 27) and a chain store at 11000 Roosevelt Blvd. (Jan. 28). He was arrested Jan. 28. There were also two robberies on the street, one at 8100 Oxford Ave. (Jan. 29) involving a handgun, and the other at 1700 Solly Ave. (Jan. 25).

The only reported aggravated assault took place on the street of 2000 Red Lion Road on Jan. 24. James Tucker, 20, was arrested.

Almost all of the eight reported burglaries targeted private residences or apartment houses. These took place at 1100 Medway Road (Jan. 30); 9700 Cowden St. (Feb. 2); 1900 Tomlinson Road (Jan. 29); 13500 Bustleton Ave. (Jan. 27, and again Feb. 2); 9900 President St. (Feb. 2); and 1700 Pearson Ave. (Jan. 31). There was also an incident at a warehouse at 11500 Roosevelt Blvd. (Jan. 26).

Of the 41 reported thefts, 11 were from vehicles, 15 were from businesses, three were from retirement homes, and one from a school. At least 10 were plunders of $200 or more. Five arrests were made. In addition, there were seven motor vehicles reported stolen, six of which were recovered.

8th Police District

There were seven robberies reported, which resulted in three arrests. Derrick Austin, 20, and Devin Rogers, 21, were arrested on Jan. 23 in relation to a robbery on the street at 8800 Frankford Ave. which involved a handgun. Jason Sperduto, 40, was also arrested after allegedly robbing a food store at 9400 State Road on Jan. 27. Robert Johnson, 36, was arrested in relation to a robbery of a private residence at 200 Parkdale Road on Jan. 31. There were four other robberies, which took place in the street at 8000 Frankford Ave. (Jan. 22); 8000 Ditman St. (Jan. 29); 2500 Welsh Road (Feb. 1); and 3100 Grant Ave. (Feb. 4).

The five reported aggravated assaults resulted in three arrests. Rachel L. Baldwin, 42, was arrested at a shopping mall at 3200 Red Lion Road on Jan. 25 in an incident involving a handgun. Pedro Gonzalez, 30, was arrested following an alleged assault at an apartment house at 2600 Welsh Road on Jan. 24. Sean McCorry, 50, was arrested in connection with an alleged assault on the street at 9400 Ashton Road on Jan. 28. There was also an assault on the street at 9200 Ashton Road on Feb. 4, and an instance involving a gang at a prison facility at 8000 State Road on Jan. 30.

All but one of the reported burglaries took place at private residences or apartment houses. These took place at 3500 Brookview Road (Feb. 1); 8000 Rowland Ave. (Jan. 22); 9400 Fairgreen Lane (Jan. 30); 8000 Walker St. (Feb. 1); 8600 Sycamore Road (Jan. 23); 9900 Academy Road (Feb. 3); 3500 Dows Road (Jan. 23); and 9400 Lansford St. (Jan. 31). There was also a burglary at a doctor’s office at 3700 Morrell Ave. on Feb. 1.

Of the 41 reported thefts, 20 were from businesses, 17 were from vehicles, three from apartment houses, and one from a hospital. At least 18 were thefts of $200 or more. Ten arrests were made. In addition, nine vehicles were reported stolen, eight of which have been recovered.

15th Police District

There were 15 robberies reported in the area. An instance on the street of 6900 Keystone St. on Jan. 25 resulted in the arrests of Paige Hutchinson, 18, Shane Pratt, 20, and Joseph Reeves, 20. Other instances on the street happened at 4600 Loring St. (Jan. 27); 5900 Charles St. (Feb. 1); 5400 Charles St. (Feb. 4); 3200 Magee Ave. (Jan. 25); 6400 Erdrick St. (Jan. 29); and 5300 Saut St. (Jan. 26). Robberies from businesses included a gas station at 2500 Church St. (Jan. 22); a chain store at 6000 Torresdale Ave. (Jan. 31) involving a handgun; a grocery store at 5200 Torresdale Ave. (Feb. 4) involving a handgun; a mini market at 5200 Harbison Ave. (Jan. 26); and another mini market at 1500 Church St. (Jan. 30). There were also robberies of private residences at 6100 Edmund St. (Feb. 3) and 4800 Comly St. (Jan. 27) and a vehicle at 7000 Crispin St. (Jan. 31).

The 16 reported aggravated assaults resulted in two arrests. Kendall Leach, 19, was arrested Jan. 22 after an assault on the street at 1600 Bridge St., and Quindel Bauford, 37, was arrested in relation to an assault at a private residence at 1700 Brill St. on Jan. 26. Four of the arrests happened at private residences (2000 Haworth St., 5500 Torresdale Ave., 4000 Teesdale St., 5000 Roosevelt Blvd.). Several happened in the street (7000 Walker St., 4700 Griscom St., 1500 Gillingham St., 4900 Frankford Ave., 3200 Ryan Ave., 4000 Meridian St., 4400 Livingston St. and 6800 Cottage St.). There was also an instance involving a knife at a gas station at 6300 Frankford Ave. on Jan. 22.

The vast majority of the 23 reported burglaries took place at private residences. These happened at 4200 Romain St., 4600 Josephine St., 4500 Knorr St., 2000 Orthodox St., 6500 Vandike St., 1300 Fillmore St., 1000 Wakeling St., 2900 Lardner St., 3200 Rawle St., 4400 Devereaux Ave., 4600 Leiper St., 7000 Jackson St., 7500 Torresdale Ave., 2800 Brighton Place, 6100 Torresdale Ave., 7900 Fairfield St., 1900 Berkshire St. and twice at 6300 Marsden St. Naem Morgan, 19, and Shawinicque Sims, 23, were arrested. A store facility at 6300 Tacony St. had three reported burglaries on Jan. 27 and 28. A public school at 4900 Oxford Ave. reported a burglary on Jan. 22.

Of the 93 reported thefts, 45 were from vehicles (including 13 cases of vehicle tags being stolen), 19 were on the street, 18 were from businesses and 11 were from private residences. At least 24 of the thefts included plunders of $200 or more. Seven arrests were made. In addition, 49 vehicles were reported stolen, at least 37 of which have been recovered. Two people were arrested. ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ