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Student in custody after bringing weapon to high school (updated)

Samuel Fels High School was placed on lockdown this morning after a student was caught trying to bring a gun through the school’s security scanner.

Police took a Northeast Philadelphia student into custody after he was caught trying to bring a gun into a school.

Samuel Fels High School was placed on lockdown at 7:33 this morning after the student was found to have a firearm in the school.

In a news conference later in the day, officials identified the student as a 15-year-old male believed to be in the ninth grade at the school.

Security guards noticed something suspicious in the student’s bag when he tried to enter through the scanners. They scanned the bag a second time and discovered the firearm.

The gun in question was a .40-caliber Smith and Wesson. It was loaded with 12 rounds, which is the weapon’s full capacity. The gun had been stolen a few weeks ago from a vehicle on the 5900 block of Hammond Avenue, which police said is not far from where the student lives. He later admitted to stealing the gun.

“Obviously, keeping your gun in your car is not the safest place to keep your firearm,” said Capt. Sekou Kinebrew, who delivered an update outside police headquarters at 750 Race St. He said firearms should be secured in a house out of the hands of young people.

The student and his mother were submitted to questioning. Police are still looking into a possible motive. They do not believe he had any rivalries with fellow students and has been described as not a problem child. He has no criminal history.

“If you’re a parent and believe your child may be having some issues at school, it’s never a bad idea to do a spot check of your child’s bag,” Kinebrew said.

Kinebrew also said that if you see something that may look suspicious, or somebody says they will bring a weapon to a school, to alert authorities.

There was no incident or reported injuries.

Police said he will be charged with a firearm violation because he cannot carry a firearm as a juvenile, and also for possession of a weapon on school property. ••

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