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Letters to the Editor: March 14, 2018

Northeast neighbors discuss trash in the neighborhood, potholes and tax increases in this week’s letters to the editor.

New neighbors trashing NE

Change is a part of life.

The change that is occurring in the formerly Greater Northeast is beyond disheartening. We were once a neighborhood built upon home ownership, respect for people’s property and cleanliness. Those benchmarks have been tossed out the window, with the arrival of people who do not respect their neighbors, their surroundings or themselves.

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Trash and garbage is tossed all over with total disregard for our neighborhood. While waiting for the 26 bus at Knorr Street and the 6700 block of Bustleton Avenue, the sidewalk is often full of trash. The area surrounding the stop for the Route 59 southbound near Castor Avenue is a disgrace.

People toss trash and garbage around, with no respect for their surroundings. Those people are pigs. I stepped off the curb at Bustleton and Knorr, only to step into a load of trash and garbage. The other day, I was waiting for the Route 58 on Bustleton Avenue, across from the Wendy’s. Trash and garbage are all over the place, about half of it from the four food carts parked right in line next to each other.

The food cart issue needs to be looked at by our city’s health and sanitation inspectors. My neighbors and I constantly clear our sidewalks of potato chip bags, soda cans and other trash.

To those people who do this, I say, “Oink Oink, little piggies.” Most of the folks who are moving in have no long-term interest into making this neighborhood one we could be proud of. Last week, I got off the 59 at the corner of Oxford and Bridge, and was greeted with a pile of trash all around me, most of it around a corner property.

Ronald Bruce Moskovitz

Castor Gardens

Streets Dept. will fix potholes

In response to the editorial cartoon published in the Feb. 28 edition of the Northeast Times:

It has been said that laughter is the best medicine. Your cartoon editorial, “Pothole Season in Philadelphia,” had me laughing all day, all night and passing it on to others.

As far as the potholes go, if you see a pothole, call the streets department. I did on my own street, and the streets department was right on it.

R. Henry


Mayor hits residents again

So let’s get this straight. Our mayor, who never met a tax increase he did not like, is going to sock the residents of this city with a property tax increase. The mayor also proposed to raise the real estate transfer tax and not cutting the wage tax, which was scheduled to decrease. What a great way to attract people who actually might think of moving here (aside for illegal immigrants, who find a safe haven here).

The mayor says there is nothing in the city left to be cut. Hogwash. Anyone with a brain in city government knows where dollars are being wasted on a daily basis. They just don’t do anything about it. Until this city wakes up and gives the Democratic Party the heave-ho that they have deserved for decades of corruption, mismanagement and incompetence, nothing will change. Except maybe the Frank Rizzo statue.

Michael Wauhop

Morrell Park

More taxes from Kenney

Mayor Kenney needs more tax money from the people of Philadelphia. Just what I wanted to read.

I was under the impression our soda tax was for pre-K and young children and the rest was to be used for our public schools. I understand now that the soda tax has been used for other stuff. Philly’s poor and middle class are being driven out due to unfair taxation.

So many of us are just fed up with our city government. It’s going to drive us into neighboring counties.

When we buy our soda items outside of Philly, we also spend our grocery money there.

The next thing to happen is for our Philly citizens to move where they can feel supported, not taxed to death.

Rita Rieder


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