Op-ed: Neilson doing terrific job as state representative

Ed Neilson is part of the committees that handle transportation, game/fisheries, consumer affairs and the gaming oversight.


By Vesa Dobi, Dana Luboff and Alvin Cherian

Ed Neilson is the state representative for the 174th Legislative District. So if you live in Rhawnhurst, Bustleton, Holme Circle or Morrell Park, it is highly likely that he is your representative.

Neilson is part of the committees that handle transportation, game/fisheries, consumer affairs and gaming oversight. He is also is an advocate for safety within local schools.

Recently, it was announced that safety at Politz Hebrew Academy will be enhanced thanks to a state grant. This was made possible by our very own representative, Ed Neilson.

Neilson said, “It is crucial that students feel safe in school. A secure environment is needed for education to truly happen… These funds will help us further our goal of providing a quality education to every child in the community.” He is clearly a firm supporter of increasing safety to make our schools their best, and there are hopefully more safety increases in the works for the schools in the area.

Neilson has also introduced free produce vouchers for eligible low-income seniors in the 174th district. These vouchers are provided through Pennsylvania’s Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, which provides low-income seniors with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs grown by local farmers.

Not only do the vouchers allow all seniors to benefit from access to the nutrients that fresh produce provide, but the purchase of the produce supports local farmers. This is a good program allowing for low-income seniors to get healthy food, and hopefully will be extended to other low-income residents.

Neilson also fights against income inequality, believing Philadelphia should step up and be a leader on that issue. He has called for the creation of a special committee to discuss income inequality at a City Council public session.

Neilson pointed to recent census data indicating 26.5 percent of Philadelphians live below the poverty level and struggle to afford basic needs. His office defined income inequality as an uneven distribution of income across a regional or national economy, and highlighted the gap between the households earning a higher proportion of the nation’s income and those earning the least.

With his work, we may be able to slowly close the large economic gap in the city.

Neilson has done a terrific job as state representative. He has worked hard to try and improve life in the city, and will hopefully continue to do so. ••

Vesa Dobi, Dana Luboff and Alvin Cherian are seniors at Julia R. Masterman High School. Members of the senior class have been assigned to write about their state representatives.