Lt. gov candidate wants no mercy for cop killers

Jeff Bartos has adopted a platform that will not show mercy to cop killers in response to District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Jeff Bartos, the Republican Party-endorsed candidate for lieutenant governor, has adopted a “No Mercy for Cop Killers” platform in response to District Attorney Larry Krasner.

“I was shocked and disappointed by reports that Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is considering showing mercy to the cowards who shot and killed Sgt. Robert Wilson III in 2015,” Bartos said.

Bartos unveiled a digital petition Pennsylvanians can sign to stand with the law enforcement community and against showing mercy to cop killers.

“Together, we can stop District Attorney Krasner from making a terrible error in judgment now, and rest assured, when Scott Wagner and I are elected, we will end Tom Wolf’s moratorium on the death penalty.”

Bartos, a businessman, is backed by Wagner, a state senator running for governor.

The other Republican candidates are longtime conservative activist Peg Luksik; Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan of Washington; and small business owner Kathy Coder.

Vaughn is backed by Paul Mango, who is also running for governor.

Allegheny County lawyer Laura Ellsworth, another candidate for governor, has not made an endorsement.

Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale was removed from the ballot because he won’t turn 30 until next March, two months after the lieutenant governor will be sworn in.

There are now five Democratic candidates for lieutenant governor, now that Lancaster County Commissioner Craig Lehman and Westmoreland County IT project manager Aryanna Berringer have dropped out.

Lehman endorsed Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone.

The other candidates are incumbent Lt. Gov. Mike Stack; Nina Ahmad, a former Philadelphia deputy mayor; Braddock Mayor John Fetterman; and Raymond Sosa, who has worked in emergency management and response and human rights advocacy.

Wolf has not made an endorsement.


The state Green Party endorsed six candidates running for state and national offices this year.

The endorsed Greens running in the 2018 election include Neal Gale (U.S. Senate), Paul Glover (governor) and Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick (lieutenant governor).

The Green Party of Pennsylvania stands in opposition to what it calls “the two corporate parties.” Candidates this year will promote public policy based on the Green Party’s four pillars: grassroots democracy, nonviolence, ecological wisdom and social justice/equal opportunity.


Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio is questioning the Democratic Party’s opposition to reinstating a question on the census that asks whether or not the respondent is a citizen.

DiGiorgio said that, on the national, state and local level, American citizenship has become meaningless to Democrats.

“Democrat opposition to counting non-U.S. citizens is yet another troubling example of how Democrats are devaluing America citizenship. The census is a vehicle by which the federal government apportions federal benefits and funding and electoral power. By failing to account for non-citizens, Democrats again show their opposition to the idea that American citizenship is a special privilege. This is a direct slap in the face to immigrants who worked hard and adhered to all the proper procedures and laws to come here and enrich our country with their talents.

“By saying to illegal immigrants that you can have political power in Congress and federal benefits, Democrats devalue American citizens and undermine rule of law. We have seen this type of attitude from state and local Democrats. In a press conference (last) Monday, Gov. Wolf actually admitted he has no idea how many non-citizens were registered or voted as a result of a PennDOT debacle at driver’s license centers. In the poorest large city in America, the mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, has prioritized illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens by failing to report to ICE when non-citizens are accused of committing a crime. We need leaders who put American citizens first.”


The Philly Neighborhood Small Business Council and City Councilman David Oh will sponsor a congressional candidates forum on Monday, April 16, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Loews Hotel, 12th and Market streets, fourth floor.

Taking part will be candidates from the 2nd, 3rd and 5th congressional districts, which include parts of Philadelphia.

The Northeast is located in the 2nd Congressional District. Democratic Rep. Brendan Boyle faces a primary challenge from Michele Lawrence, a former Wells Fargo area president. The Republican candidate is anti-drug activist David Torres. ••